8th August 2002

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The content of the popular New York-based, alternative Internet website, VoxFux.com has disappeared --leaving only a cryptic notice on the homepage. It warns that the site editor's death --should that eventuality arise-- would be no accident, but an assassination by rogue covert forces linked to the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks.

    "Voxfux disclaimer in the event of a premature death. I, Voxfux, ...declare that in the event of my premature death that .....my death was more likely a result of an assassination perpetrated by the forces that I have outlined in the voxnyc website..... There have been anonymous cowardly threats on my life and
    markings made on the front door of my residence designed to cause fear."

    --Current Voxfux Website 8th August, 2002.
That notice previously sat as a disclaimer among hundreds of web pages packed with no-holds-barred analysis of the 9/11 attacks and the role of covert government/military forces in the current US crisis. The companion site Voxnyc.com is still online, but neither Google.com or Internet archive website Archive.org have significant cached pages from VoxFux.

Immediately prior to the site content being withdrawn, the VoxFux lead story was "Secret US Forces Plan Pretext for Clamp-Down," which detailed the danger of a "dirty" suitcase bomb or bioterror attack in New York City by covert forces seeking to initiate global conflict.

VoxFux maintained that popular awareness of dirty bombs has been deliberately fostered for many months --to program the public to accept that such an event would have a Middle East terrorist origin. VoxFux claimed that the true perpetrators would be covert US forces. The website also highlighted the alternative danger of a biowarfare attack --with the covert same purpose.
    "American’s are being, “softened up” right now for their first “Dirty Bomb,” attack.... an imaginary catastrophic device ...heavily promoted in the media and ultimately steered to what will almost certainly be the dramatic conclusion of a self fulfilling media stoked prophecy - to be fabricated first in our imaginations then ignited in the real world..." --Voxfux Website
An issue that arises is that the independent online sector may have become overly dependent on the use of Google.com and Archive.org for retrieving stories that are no longer available online. Should either of these websites be compromised --or indeed government agency proxies to start with --then with one fell swoop these agencies could achieve an Orwellian rewrite of history.

Readers keen to see vital information not disappear down the memory hole can download the content of vital websites. One of the best freeware software utilities to accomplish this is WinHTTrack, which is elegant, simple and reliable.

Independent online journalists should also consider defensive measures to underwrite their personal safety. A common practice is to place sensitive information in the hands of persons at one remove from friends and family. Information of a kind that might in normal circumstances have difficulty gaining popular acceptance --but in the event of action against the author would have considerable subsequent credo.

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