13th March, 2003
by Fintan Dunne, Editor

The assassination of the Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic marks a grave deterioration in international relations over US plans for a Gulf invasion. Meanwhile, the testing of a high power bomb by the US is a smokescreen for its preparedness to use theater nuclear weapons in the forthcoming conflict.

NATO political gains in Eastern Europe were in disarray today after the murder of the Serbian Prime Minister Djindjic. The killing is clearly the opening of a second front in the international power struggle currently centered on the Gulf region.

Despite attempts to pin the blame for the killing on a Milorad Lukovic, a local Serbian gangster, the murder indicates a Hot War worse than any previous Cold War has broken out in Eastern Europe.

Underneath the veneer of civilized debate at the United Nations, the world has just lurched sharply towards World War III.

"Europe has lost a friend... who fought hard for democracy," an EU statement said. But, Europe lost more than a friend and ally, it just lost the plot. Djinjic was the West's man in Serbia, and it was he who handed over Yugoslavia's former leader, Slobodan Milosevic to Western justice. His murder is eerily reminiscent of the killing of Franz Ferdinand, who was assassinated by a Serbian nationalist in Sarajevo in June 1914. The assassination precipitated a crisis which led to the outbreak of World War I

Even before the Serbian killing, the US test of a high power Massive Ordnance Air Blast, or MOAB bomb in Florida, was a clear sign it is readying the nuclear option in the coming Gulf conflict. Although the 21,000 bomb used conventional munitions, it was universally described in Western media as having an explosion signature indistinguishable from a nuclear weapon mushroom cloud. That emphasis achieved two purposes:

For US public consumption, it served as convenient cover should such bomb signatures be detected as a result of the use of theater nuclear weapons in the Gulf conflict. The widely publicized bomb test allows these to be dismissed as MOAB effects. An unconvincing cover, as in fact the signature was nothing like a nuclear mushroom --but a cover nonetheless.

For international geopolitical elite consumption, the "mushroom" references were a clear sign to US enemies, that faced with possible conflicts on multiple fronts, the US will not risk depleting it's forces and resources in protracted battle in any individual region, but will seek quick victories by means of battlefield nuclear weapons.

Indeed, comments by Donald Rumsfeld that Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein might use chemical weapons on his own people was a sign that the US is prepared to use such weapons itself.

"His regime may be planning to use weapons of mass destruction against its own citizens, and then blame coalition forces," Mr. Rumsfeld said. Given the little publicized US chemical warfare capabilities, that comment is more than a little disingenuous.

Against the backdrop of such statements, the murder of the Serbian Prime Minister is an ominous development which indicates that the US is facing a collapse of the international balance of power and that Western interests will face multiple conflicts on multiple fronts if the US pursues it's objectives in the Middle East.

The next logical step in this sickening game of international war poker would be the sudden escalation of Korean Peninsular tensions and perhaps even a manufactured crisis over Taiwan.

The world just became a very dangerous place. The first significant shots of World War III were the two sniper bullets which downed Zolan Djinjic.

We are lurching toward a conflict of global dimensions, in which the major powers may well loose control of the geopolitical situation and which will feature both chemical and nuclear weapons.

The potential damage is likely to be beyond the capacity of even Kellogg, Brown & Root to repair.

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