17th August


High Heath.


Dull and wet most of the day.


The purple growth on the Sweet Vernal Grass is Ergot - Claviceps purpurea - a deadly fungus. This specimen is three times larger than any other I have seen. It's about 2 cm long.


Another shot of Episyrphus balteatus. I hadn't seen any prior to this year. Now I see one on most trips.

Another seedcase. This time it's Common Dog Violet - Viola riviniana.


This is a very menacing looking spider. It didn't like the camera and kept scuttling sideways away from the lens. So I grabbed the stem, pre-focussed, and spun the flower round...bang!

Another micro-moth mine. This belongs to Mompha raschkiella. There are at least 2 mines in the shot, and the left-hand one is still occupied (yellow larva with black head).


Good old Rhingia campestris. I can usually rely on it for a nicely posed picture. This is a male.


This is the first new generation Peacock that I've seen. A long-range shot.

Why another Ichneumon?...Well, it's very pretty....

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