4th December


Fringe of coniferous forestry.


Cold with occasional showers.

There's an old Hawthorn that leans over a fast-flowing stream. Every part of the tree has lichens and mosses covering it.

This Cladonia chlorophaea grows on the upper surface of a horizontal branch.

These specimens of Exidia recisa are on Willow. It's hard to believe that the right hand image is a fungus.


Two more fungi from the area. Leotia lubrica - Jelly Babies - on the left and another Mycena on the right.


Another two crustose lichens from the Hawthorn. Pertusaria pertusa (left) and Pertusaria amara (right).



Yet another good puzzle picture: the seedhead of Persicaria lapathifolia - Pale Persicaria.

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