16th February


An old fence post in deforestation. I always make a bee-line for these fence posts: They rarely disappoint.


Early sun, then dull with drizzly showers.

What a feast of lichens and mosses. The picture shows the mini-ecological system on top of a fence-post around 15 cm square. I've selected various bits out of the picture and shown them below. 


This is vaguely familiar - Hypogymnia physodes.


This blue/grey lichen is a Parmelia.

The Cladonia has bright red tips to the fruiting bodies. Cladonia macentina or C. polydactyla.

This is from another nearby fencepost.

The Cladonia towards the top of this picture has odd, club-shaped structures. Maybe they're just forming. Cladonia coniocraea or C. subsquamosa.

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