12th January


A visit to the Hedgerow in a gap between hail and stormy rain. Any camera shake is down to me shivering. Enough for two days, so today is fungal.

New species profile: Amanita muscaria

Sleet, hail and short dry periods in waves after a night of gale-force winds gusting to 100 mph..

Tubaria furfuracia is growing very profusely at the moment - a small cluster every metre or so under Hawthorn.


Auricularia auricula-judae, or Jew's Ear is a fairly large, gelatinous fungus. The top specimen is around 4 cm. across, but the lower specimen was around 8cm. tall. Both growing on an old fence post. Said to be edible.


Meruliopsis corium is still in evidence. I think I've seen it  continuously for the last six months .

This tiered bracket has clearly been growing for years. There is moss growing on the surface of most of the layers. Stereum rugosum, growing resupinate, rather than as it's more normal crust. Top layer around 20 cm. across, growing on Hawthorn.

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