Donegal Wildlife Database - Insects - Lepidoptera - Moths - Zygaenidae

Zygaena filipendulae - 6-spot Burnet

 The 6-spot Burnet flies from June to September. The larva is often seen on grasses.

This is a mainly coastal species, and where it occurs, it can be very numerous, indeed. In one location in July 2004 I recorded at least 200 in about 2 hours. They are also very busy feeders and can be approached and photographed with little difficulty. Zygaena filipendulae overwinters as a larva.

The larva is yellow/green with black spots, and can be seen on grasses, although it feeds on Bird's-foot Trefoil - Lotus corniculatus.

The cocoon is made high on grasses and is distinctively coloured.

The adult is brightly coloured when fresh, but fades quite quickly as it ages. Older specimen on the left and fresher on the right.


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