26th May


High bog, then original Hedgerow.

A little bit of sun goes a long, long way.

Sunny intervals with rain later.


Omphalina ericetorum is a common fungus in and around mossy bogs. It is a fungus that is capable of capturing algae, which makes it, I suppose, a lichen.


Caps about 2 cm. across.

But I hadn't seen this scaly Omphalina before. It's not in my books, but a web search leads me to Omphalina sphagnicola which is a scarce fungus, on the Provisional European Red list: C.

Cap again about 2 cm. across.



This Leucozona lucorum is one of my favourite hoverflies. It's usually very flighty, but this one was taking advantage of the early sun.

Look out soon for the blue L. glaucia.


This is one of the so-called House Flies - Mesembrina meridianum. This one was perched on the bramble leaf and frequently flew to chase any other fly away, only to return a second later. About 18 mm long.


I don't know this one for sure, but I think it's one of the  Sarcophagidae, or Flesh Flies.

Two beetles to finish for today. An unknown little (5mm.) beetle on Cow parsley and the 14-spot Ladybird - Propylea 14-punctata.


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