11th July


Drumboe Wood.


Very hot and sunny.

There were dozens of these Soldier Beetles - Rhagonycha fulva - feeding on Hogweed.

This one looks to be a female heavy with eggs.

This Tutsan - Hypericum androsaemum - was growing in a very dark part of the wood.


Wood Sage - Teucrium scorodonia - is a supposedly common plant, but I only know of it in this one location, under Beech.

Himalayan Balsam - Impatiens glandulifera - is an aggressive escape that is taking over vast swathes of hedges, verges and river banks. People have asked me how to get this to grow in their garden. My usual answer is "Just wait".

This is the first flowerhead of Angelica. Notice that it is completely void of insect life. There has been a lot of internet chatter recently about missing Hoverflies and other insects. I examined around a dozen heads of Angelica and maybe two hundred heads of Hogweed today in bright sunlight. I saw one Eristalis. This is alarming.

This is another Snipe Fly. No further identification, yet.

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