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Drug and Alcohol addictions.
Addictions can begin from the smallest of problems but can end up being one of the biggest problems.
Addicts are not always aware that they are actually abusing the substant they use but the sooner they realise the easier it will become.
One of the hardest things an addict can do is to admit he/she has a problem. It is also one of the bravest and most sensible things to do. When people know that you have a problem (and it can be any problem) then people generally try to help you overcome it. There are many groups, clinics, hospitals and councilors that are willing to help as much as they can but friends and family can be just as helpful, but people can only help you if they know themselves.
An alcoholic or a drug addict doesn't just change his/her life when he/she begins or ends the addiction it affects the family, the friends and the society around them.

To ensure that an appropriate level of accurate and timely information is available to inform the responce of the problem.

Contact names, addresses and telephone No's.

Local Drug Taskforce, community care officers,
St,Finbarr's Hospital,
Douglas Road,
Tel; 021 - 4923132.

Narcotics Anonymous.
Tel; 021 - 4278411.

Alcoholics Anonymous. 137,
Eglinton Street.
Tel;021 - 4500481.

St,Stephens Hospital.
Sarsfield Court,
Tel; 021 - 4821411.