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Complementary, alternative herbal remedies. Lisdoonvarna, Co. Clare, Ireland. Tim Hartigan is an Irish herbalist based in the spa town of Lisdoonvarna, County Clare, Ireland. Tim has been making homeopathic herbal remedies using wild Irish plants for more than 15 years.

H.I.V. positive? I have developed an effective herbal treatment for HIV/AIDS and it is my hope that as many AIDS sufferers as possible will benefit from it. This cure is a harmless herbal remedy that attacks nothing, but simply highlights the virus and its puppet antibody. This wakes up the immune system, which acts promptly to evict them. It has been tested several times and proved effective each time: total natural healing, no problems, and no side effects. 
I am offering this cure free of charge.

This cure is not a drug. It is made up of flower essences and infusions of many garden and wild plants (none of them poisonous). When this mixture is completed it is diluted, one part in ten, with purified water, twenty-two times. The strength is now 1 part in 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. This is the method used in homeopathy. The useful vibrations of the plants are retained in the water, but the chemicals are now more or less non-existent. The treatment is completely safe to use. No chemicals, no possibility of poisons, no side effects. Its task is only to highlight the problem areas and leave the immune system to deal with them naturally. This is achieved in a short time, but the body can take a while to recover from disease and it is well to wait at least 21 days before retest. To take the remedy it is only necessary to take one drop each day, in any drink: e.g. in a glass of water or in the morning teapot.

The story so far
The remedy: Through intuition and experience, I discovered that an infusion of Willowherb has the effect of highlighting cells infected by the HIV virus. Once the cells are recognised, the immune system has no trouble eliminating them rapidly. Every life form has its own strategy for survival, or it could not live. The strategy of HIV is to persuade our body to set up a puppet “antibody” so that the immune system is deceived and left wide open to attack. My discovery here was that a Geranium infusion seems to highlight these false antibodies so that the immune system is undeceived, removes them and returns to health.

The results: The first man to take this combination took about two months to recover from AIDS and took a blood test to prove it – blessings upon the hi-tech western medicine that gives us such benefits!
The next two people to use the treatment recovered in about three weeks, but they both refused blood tests. Over a couple of years four more patients used the remedy with improved recovery times, but only two could be persuaded to retest. 
Flushed with these successes, I wrote to several AIDS organisations and also visited two or three where I received a polite “Not today thank you”. 

To help rid the world of HIV/AIDS I need records of the remedy’s results.
It is my hope that this page will help more AIDS sufferers to meet up with my treatment. I appeal to all those people who wish to be healed themselves and are willing to contribute to the welfare of humanity at the same time. 
If you are HIV+, what I ask you to do is to send three things in the post to:-

Tim Hartigan, Ballydonohoe, Lisdoonvarna, Co Clare. Ireland.

These three items are:-

1. Your full name and address.

2. Your date of birth (very important to tie up with hospital records).

3. Place and approximate date of previous test. Please also declare your intention to take one drop per day of the treatment and after 21 days to have a new blood test for HIV and to send me a copy of the result.

On receipt of your information I will send you a dropper bottle containing the treatment and then await your results. If you wish to help with my expenses and enclose a donation with your results, I would much appreciate say €10.

I guarantee that all information given will be completely confidential and may only be disclosed to hospital staff (Should this be necessary to get the treatment recognised). This offer is open to people in Ireland and UK up to 1st. January 2007.

Some Background Information
Modern high-tech medicine is incredibly ingenious and creative. Its practitioners examine the processes of disease in minute detail and discover ways to combat them using more and more refined drugs. Unfortunately these drugs are not always tolerated well by our human systems and the search for new drugs has to continue. There are alternative approaches.

There is the previous system of the older learned physicians and apothecaries, which depended upon treating disease with herbal extracts. Many of these were semi-poisonous alkaloids, etc: chosen because these demonstrate clearly that they are acting on the patient. Some were more effective than others, but the advents of the sulphonamides and then later of penicillin were welcomed as miracles, which shows how much more effective these new drugs were compared with the old.

The third, intuitive method is that of shamans, monks and the travelling doctors from the east who used an entirely different approach. They too employed herbs, sometimes in quantity, sometimes sparingly. Combining their intuition with experience, they discovered how apparently similar herbs might differ in their action and they administered them accordingly.

One monk in fourteenth century France discovered the value of successive dilution in water: how it could make a remedy at the same time gentle and powerful. His abbey became famous for a time for its miracle cures, until a later abbot decided it was “satanic” and forbade the practice. It was re-invented four hundred years later in Germany, in the guise of homeopathy. This method is not only gentle and powerful, but it also has the advantage that once the remedy is perfected, it can be used by anybody with similar problems and it is easy and cheap to reproduce. The approach here is to analyse not the disease but the human patient and to find out why and how she/he is malfunctioning. The trick then is to find the least disturbing method of correcting the imbalance and so enable the patient to self-heal.

These are the intuitive methods that I have been using for twenty years and more, and I now have effective remedies for quite a few diseases including AIDS, arthritis, asthma, and breast cancer. Because my time is spent in this research, my practice is small and so benefits comparatively few people. The great bane of herbal medicine in the past was that it remained a family secret. Practitioners tended to keep special discoveries to themselves and most remedies died with them. I do not want my discoveries to suffer the same fate.

Tim Hartigan,
Ballydonohoe, Lisdoonvarna, Co Clare. Ireland.



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