Our ePals

Jamie Sue Kelly: One of my epals is Priscilla Davalos. She's from California and she has three dogs. She likes to hang out with her friends. One of her favourite shows is "Charmed". My other epal's name is Kay but her nickname is Rizzo. She has lots of cats, dogs and horses. She lives in Ohio.

John Nolan: The names of my epals are Alex Molina and Zach Hatcher. Zach is 13 and Alex is 12. Zach's favourite sport is soccer and so is Alex's. Zach lives in Ohio and goes to Anthony Wayne Junior High School. Alex lives in Monterey Park, California and his school is Monterey Vista .

Rachael Kenny: My epals' names are Nicki Ung and Megan Schmidt. Nicki is 11 from Monterey Park, California and Megan is 12 from Ohio. Megan's favourite foods are hotdogs, mashed potatoes and chips. Nicki likes burgers and chips and she likes the book "Goosebumps".

Warren Joyce: I have an epal named Jessica from California. She has a cat, a dog and some fish.

Christopher Jebb: My epal's name is Nghia Trinh. He has been writing to me for about 3 months. We have a lot of things in common. We both love "The Simpsons". We like to play computers and our favourite food is pizza. Nghia has a lot of pets, just like me. I hope we can keep in touch until we leave primary school.

Denise Tierney: My epals' names are Emily, Connie, Vicky and Jeff. Emily and Vicky like watching "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer", Connie likes to cook and Jeff likes to listen to music.

Siobhán Tierney: My epal, Nhung Thai, is from Monterey Park, California. Her nickname is Jennifer. My other epal, Emily, is 13. Her favourite video is "Practical Magic" and she likes "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer". She has three dogs and two hamsters.

Gary Hollywood: My epal's name is Quy V. Nguyen. His favourite is burgers. When he grows up he wants to be a pilot and fly an F-14 Tomcat.

Simon King: I have two epals. Stanley Chang lives in California and he is 11. Billy Benner is from Ohio.

David Keogh: My epal's name is Dana Coffman from Ohio. Her birthday is on September 13th.

James Kenny: My epal's name is Va Trung. He lives in California and likes basketball. His nickname is Shorty.

Paul Nolan: My epal's name is Daniel Ochoa. He is 11 and lives in California. My other epal is Nick Mattoni. He is 12 and lives in Waterville. His favourite school subject is Social Studies.

Aidan Doyle: My epal's name is Johnson "Big" Mac from California. He likes computers and his favourite games are Metal Gear Solid and NBA Live 99. My other epal is Josh Naugle from Ohio.

Michelle Balfe: I have two epals. Chalcye Sniadecki is 13 from Ohio. She lives in the country. At school she is in a band and plays the clarinet. She loves swimming, volleyball and soccer. She has three fish and four cats. She likes pasta. My other epal's name is Catherine Paredes, who is a sixth grader at Monterey Vista School, California. She loves baseball and track. We both like Babysitters' Club books.

Sorcha Timoney: I am writing to Crystal Vasquez in California. She is 11. She likes animals a lot and television a bit.

Michael Flynn: My epal is Lydia Heidtman. She has 4 horses and 2 cats. She likes to wear blue jeans, t-shirt and tennis shoes.

Seán Worrell : I have two epals, a boy and a girl. Kelly is from Palmdale, California. Her favourite game is baseball and she likes to write in school. If she could change the world she would stop people doing dumb things. My other epal's name is Brian from Monterey Park, California. He has a hamster and his favourite sports are basketball and track.
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