Our Favourite Irish Legends 
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  The Fianna by Elizabeth 
  The Fianna was a group of warriors long ago. One day a man called Fionn came to Tara, where the knights were having a feast. Suddenly the music stopped and the king said that every year a goblin came and knocked the castle down. He asked them would they go out and fight . He also said that whoever killed it would become leader of the Fianna. Fionn stepped forward and said he would. So out he went to battle the goblin. Fionn pressed his magic spear on his forehead so he could not hear the goblin music. Then he pushed the spear though the goblin's head and it dropped dead. Fionn became the leader of the Fianna. After that the Fianna won many battles. 
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  The Salmon of Knowledge by Michelle 
  The Salmon of Knowledge is a story of a young boy and he wanted to be in the Fianna. He had to complete many tests and one of them was he had to learn twelve books of poetry. So Fionn went to this poet who was one of the best poets in Ireland to help him learn them. One night the poet was out fishing and caught a salmon but it was no ordinary salmon - it was The Salmon of Knowledge.
The poet came back to Fionn and told him what had happened. The poet and Fionn started to cook the salmon. The poet went off to get some vegetables and left Fionn to watch the fish but said "Don't dare taste the fish until I come back" and Fionn did as the poet told him. After a while Fionn realised there was a blister on the side of the fish and put his thumb on it to burst it and then he put his thumb in his mouth to ease the pain and by doing that he got the gift of knowledge. Fionn told the poet and he was devastated, but the poet insisted that Fionn became the leader of the Fianna. Fionn won many battles with the Fianna. 
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Salmon of Knowledge by Janine 
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  Conán the Brave by Eoin 
  Long ago in Ireland there were a group of warriors called the Fianna. Then one day they sent Conán to the shore to watch out for anyone coming into Ireland. That day a giant from Norway arrived looking for Conán's head. Conán asked "Why are you looking the head of Conán?" The giant said "Because I collect heads and I have no warrior's with no hair." Luckily for Conán, he had his woollen hat on. So he gave the giant long directions to his home, while Conán took a short- cut.
When he got home, his wife was there. He said to his wife "Hide me, hide me." His wife said "Get in the crib." So he got into the crib.
The giant finally arrived at the house. He knocked on the door and asked "Is this the house of Conán?" "Why do you want him?" "I want his head because I collect heads." "Well, he's not here now but you can stay here until he comes home" said the wife.
He saw Conán in the crib and asked "How old is your son?" "He is one week old." "He's very big for a baby." "You should see his father! Play with him". So the giant played with Conán, he pinched his cheek and Conán bit off a part of his finger. "Aah!" he shouted, "That hurt". "You should see his father! Would you feed him for me?" She gave him a bowl of very hot porridge. "Are you sure?" the giant asked. "Yes he likes it this way". So he gave him some porridge, but before he could Conán hit it out of his hands and on his face. He took out his sword and began swinging it around. The wife said "Why are you picking on a baby?" " Because he hit the bowl onto my head and it hurt." "You think that's bad, he could throw a rock further than you." "Come on then," said the giant, "bring him outside and we will see."
While she brought Conán out, she hid a pidgeon up his sleeve. So the giant picked up a rock and threw it two miles. Then Conán threw the pidgeon and it flew over the mountains and it looked like a rock to the giant because the porridge was still on his face and eyes. Then the wife said "You should see his father!" "I`am not leaving until I beat this baby at something." "He could hit himself on the head harder than you can." "Okay, come on." The wife put a hat on Conán with a part of a pig inside it. So Conan picked up the axe and hit himself on the head and blood from the pig came down the side of his face. Then the giant hit himself very hard on the head and knocked himself out. When he woke up he said "I will leave now because if I cannot defeat his son, I will never defeat Conán, his father."  
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  Children of Lir by Jane 
  One of my favourite legends is the children of Lir. Once upon a time there was a king called Lir. He had four children, one daughter Fionnuala and their sons Aodh, Fiachra and Conn. Their mother the queen was dead and the children missed her very much. The king decided to get a new wife. His new bride was called Aoife. She was beautful but not very kind. Aoife grew jealous of the four children. She wanted the king to herself. She planned to get rid of them. She asked a druid to help her and together they thought up a terrible spell. In the castle grounds there was a lovely lake. One day Aoife went with the children to the lakeside. Suddenly she pulled out her magic wand and waved it over them. There was a flash of light and the children vanished. In their places were four beautiful swans. "You will be swans for nine hundred years" said Aoife and ran away. She was never seen again.  
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  Cúchulainn by Ruth 
  Cúchulainn was an Irish legendary hero. He was king of Ulster during the first century BC. Cúchulainn was a very good hurler and he always brings his hurl and sliotar with him. He was invited to a big party but he had a match before it. He came with his hurl and sliotar. The gate was locked so he climbed up and over the gate. He saw the guard dog, which was the best guard dog in town. Cúchulainn hit the sliotar into the dog's mouth and killed him. He told him that he killed the the best dog in town he couldn't replace him. So he said he will be his guard dog from then on. That is how he got his name.  
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  The Three Sons by Conor 
  Once upon a time there were three sons and their father. Their father was very sick and told them the only things that could cure him were special apples picked from a certain garden. So the next day they said "We'll meet back here in a year and a day." So they left.
The youngest son saw a house and went in, there was a 100 year old man in it. He asked the man had he heard of the garden. "I am 100 years old, yet I have never heard of the garden," he said, "but my 200 year old brother might know."
So he left and went where the old man told him. So he finally got to the house and he went in. He asked the man if he had heard of the garden and he said "I am 200 years old, yet I have never heard of that place, but my 300 year old brother might know."
So he left the house and went where the old man told him. He finally got to the next place and he went in. He asked the man if he had heard of the garden. He said "I have heard of it, but l don't know where it is, but I know who does." "Who?' the youngest son said. "See that swan over there, that will bring you to it.' The son said "Thank you" and left.
He went over to the swan and asked if he could take him to the garden. He said "Yes" and so he hopped on and the swan went over the lake and then got off the swan and picked some apples. Tben he saw a house, he went up to the house and went in. There was a girl asleep. He saw two rings on the table, so he took them and ran out of the house, hopped on the swan and left.
A year and a day had gone by and he was the first back and he went to sleep. Later the brothers came and took the apples and replaced them with normal apples and they went home. When the two sons got to the house they gave the apples to their father. When he was better they told him that the other son was bringing home poisonous apples. When he heard this he was very upset and told the butler to go to the woods and kill his son and feed his heart to the dogs. Later the son met the butler and told him what happened. Then he shot an animal took out the heart and fed it to the dogs.
Back at the palace there was a knock on the door. The oldest son answered it, it was the girl. She said "Have you been at the house in the garden?'' "Yes" he said. "What did you see in it?" she asked. He made something up and she blew at him and his head was like a stone. Then the second son came out she asked him the same question and he made something up and the same thing happened. Then the third boy came to the door she asked him the same question and he said two gold rings. Then she kissed him and they got married and lived happily ever after.  
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