ABE (All Bike Engineering) manufacture pattern Fork
tubes and brake discs for the Bros. However there is a slight problem
with the fork tubes, you must remove the shutle from your old fork tubes
(by grinding) and install it into the new fork tubes, the shutle will be
held in by an internal circlip. The problem is that the shutle will not
be held in tight by the circlip, it will have about one milimetre of
free play which will result in a rattle coming from the forks while
driving the bike, also my stanchions were supplied with external
circlips, these should be replaced with internal 38mm circlips.


Fabricate a steel washer with dimensions: Outer diameter=38mm,
Inner diameter=30mm, Thickness=1mm. Place this washer behind the
Note 1: You may need to file a small bit off the washer before it will fit.
Note 2: Don't file too much off the washer because you want the shutle to be tight.
Note 3: It is very very important to make sure that the circlip seats properly,
because if the circlip falls out later you could do serious damage. If the circlip
doesn't seat file more off the washer until it does seat.
Note: Ensure the circlip has seated properly.