Ideally Change oil every 3,000Km, or at least every 5000Km,
Change oil filter at least every second oil change, Use 10W40 oil

Oil Filters:

How to change the oil/oil filter:

  1. Drain oil from the engine when it is still hot, (hot oil can burn you),
  2. Position the bike on it's side stand,
  3. Remove the oil drain bolt,
  4. Let the oil drain out,
  5. Turn the engine kill switch OFF (to make sure the engine does not start)
    and turn on the starter motor for two seconds,
  6. Let the oil drain out.
  7. To get as much of the old dirty oil out as possibe you should let it drain
    for 5 minutes, and then lift the bike off it's side stand and hold it vertical
    for a few seconds to get that last bit of worn dirty oil out.
  8. Replace oil drain bolt and tighten to 35Nm (14mm copper washer),
  9. Replace oil filter every second oil change, tighten filter cartridge to 10Nm,
  10. Add 2.8 liters of oil after crankcase disassembly,
  11. Add 2.3 liters of oil after oil drain and installation of new oil filter,
  12. Add 2.2 liters of oil after oil drain.

Note: To re-use a copper washer: heat it until it is cherry red hot and
then dip it in water, this will soften the copper to make a better seal.

Take the oil level reading by following these steps:

  1. position the bike on it's center stand (on level ground),
  2. start the engine and let it idle for two minutes,
  3. switch off the engine and let it stand for ten minutes,
  4. Remove the dip-stick and wipe clean,
  5. Insert dip-stick, into oil filler neck, as far as it will go without screwing it in and point it towards the ground,
  6. Remove and take reading.

Trouble shooting

Excessive amount of oil in the Air Box.

Oil level too low.

Oil contamination.

Low oil pressure.

High Oil pressure.

No oil pressure.