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Command and Conquer Gold

Westwood Studios Official
Command & Conquer Gold
Frequently Asked Questions
Last Update: October 23rd, 1998
Version 1.3

This document is a version of the original Command & Conquer FAQ file updated to be specific to the GOLD version of C&C for Windows 95. While some of this information will be applicable for both the DOS and Win95 versions, most of it is Win95 specific.

All information contained herein is copyright 1995 - 1997 by Westwood Studios. You are allowed to distribute it freely, but not to make changes.

1.1 What is Command & Conquer Gold?
1.2 What is Command & Conquer: Covert Operations?
1.3 System Requirements.
1.4 Is this Dune III?
1.5 When will C&C Gold be released?
1.6 Is there a demo or screenshots available?
1.7 Can I play Command & Conquer Gold against a friend?
1.8 What is available in C&C Gold that is not in C&C DOS?
1.9 Is there a patch to upgrade C&C DOS to C&C Gold?

2.1 How many units are in the game?
2.2 Are the air units similar to the ones in DUNE II? Can I control them?
2.3 How many missions are there in Command & Conquer?
2.4 Am I limited in how many units I can create?
2.5 Can I create teams of units? Is it easy to do?
2.6 Do I need to buy two copies for multiplayer games?
2.7 How is the computer A.I. in comparison to other real-time games?
2.8 Is it possible to team up with or against friends on a network?

3.1 Special keyboard shortcuts.
3.2 Miscellaneous Hints/Tactics.
3.3 Any cheat codes?
3.4 Charts for obtaining units & Structures.
3.5 Description of Multi-player crates.

4.1 What is KALI?
4.2 How do I get the KALI software?

5.1 What are MPlayer and TEN?
5.2 How do I connect?

6.1 Modem Initialization Strings
6.2 How to increase modem performance.
6.3 Null-modem connections
6.4 Network notes to remember.
6.5 Networked CD-ROM drives, and Multi-CD changers.
6.6 What is Westwood Online?
6.7 Can DOS and Windows 95 play together?
6.8 Can C&C Gold connect to the Macintosh version?

7.1 What to do when the game doesn't want to work.
7.2 What is DirectX?
7.3 Video Card Problems
7.4 Sound Card Problems
7.5 ESS Sound card problems
7.6 DirectX STILL doesn't work for me!
7.7 DOS and Win95 LAN Connection
7.8 DOS and Win95 Savegames
7.9 Does C&C Gold work with Windows NT or OS/2?
7.10 "Letterbox Screen" Effect
7.11 The game keeps asking me to insert the CD when it is already there!

8.1 How to Order Command & Conquer Gold.
8.2 Contacting Westwood Studios directly.
8.3 Our Internet WWW and ftp sites.

9.1 When is Command & Conquer: TIBERIAN SUN (part 2) going to be released?
9.2 What is Command & Conquer: RED ALERT?
9.3 Where can I get extra missions for Command & Conquer?


Command & Conquer is a real-time strategy-combat game developed by Westwood Studios, the creators of DUNE II.
The Press Release :
Imagine a brutal, devastating conflict of global proportions. Now imagine it all fitting on two CDs. Introducing COMMAND & CONQUER, from the creators of DUNE II. A frighteningly realistic glimpse into the near future, when the planet is divided between two forces battling for world domination. Players can fight for a peacekeeping alliance called the Global Defense Initiative. Or their mortal enemy, a terrorist organization called the Brotherhood of Nod. Either way, they'll have their strategies tested in a real-time world, complete with over 60 minutes of intense full-motion video and 3-D rendered graphics that are as visceral as they are visual. Which of course, is unfortunate for those with weaker stomachs.
COMMAND & CONQUER's real-time combat system is designed to be deep and meaningful, yet accessible. Those familiar with Westwood's earlier award winning strategy game DUNE II will remember the ease of use in a fast-paced race of destruction and mayhem. However, we've made a few modifications you might want to look into...
Build and better your bases, unite or divide your forces, develop and utilize guerrilla tactics and a wealth of potent electronic hardware, and make sure that "Reduce the Opposition to pulp" is at the top of your list of things to do today.
As one person put it... "The attention to detail is exemplary - it's like having a fully-functioning miniature world-gone-mad crawling with armies of intelligent beings, all secured in a big glass box, and all at your disposal."

COVERT OPERATIONS is a mission disk for COMMAND & CONQUER which has been released in three different languages. It includes following features.
* 7 new GDI and 8 new NOD missions.
* 10 new multiplayer maps.
* 7 new songs in Redbook Audio format - so you can pop it in your CD player.
Covert Operations will work with Either the DOS or Win95 version of Command & Conquer. Simply install it to the correct Directory. When installing Covert Operations to C&C Gold, the graphics will automatically be converted to the SVGA format.
You can find out more about COVERT OPERATIONS by visiting the Westwood Studios Web site at

Command & Conquer Gold (2 CD-ROMs) requires at least the following system configuration :
Pentium required
Windows 95 required
8MB of RAM (16MB STRONGLY recommended)
Double-speed CDROM
30MB free Hard drive space
1MB Local Bus, Microsoft DirectDraw compatible video card (640x480 pixels in 256 colors)
Sound cards supported: Sound Blaster (all models)
ESS: 488, 688, 1488, 1688, 1788
MediaVision: PAS 16, PAS Studio, PAS Plus, Pro 3D, Blue Lite Special
AzTech: Nova 16, Washington 16, Rocky 2
Or any Microsoft DirectSound supported sound card.
For multi-player:
2 players over minimum 9,600 bps modem, 14,400 bps modem or higher recommended. 2 players over null modem connection.
2-4 players over IPX compliant network.
2 Players over 28.8 baud modem or direct Internet connection Winsock 1.1 compliant TCP/IP stack

1.4 Is this DUNE III?
Command & Conquer is not DUNE III. The only item borrowed from our earlier real-time strategy game is the cool interface, and even that has been updated. The game engine has been totally rewritten to support more units and an enhanced artificial intelligence.

1.5 When will Command & Conquer Gold be released?
Command & Conquer Gold is available world wide NOW. Check with A local software store for a release date if you don't see it.

1.6 Is there a demo or screenshots available?
Currently, a demo is available only for the DOS version of Command & Conquer. If we release a Gold version demo, we will announce it on our web site (see below).

1.7 Can I play Command & Conquer against a friend?
Yes. C&C will support Network, Null Modem and Modem play. Network mode allows four players to go head-to-head. Computer opponents can also be added to increase any game to the maximum of four players.
Also, unlike DOS C&C, the Gold version supports 2 players via an Internet connection. Using Westwood Online, you can now play anyone you want, any time of day, from anywhere in the world!
Each player must have one of the Command & Conquer CD-ROM's in their system before play can begin.

1.8 What is available in C&C Gold that is not in C&C DOS?
There are three differences between the original C&C and C&C Gold: 1) SVGA Graphics - The graphics of C&C Gold have been updated to give you an incredible new view. The menu bar is brand new, with redesigned icons. The map is also larger, giving you a much bigger view of the battlefield.
2) Internet Support - One of the most exciting additions! C&C Gold allows you to go head-to-head against people all over the world. This is all done through our Westwood Online service. Because Westwood Online and C&C are tightly integrated, starting a game is as easy as clicking a button!
3) Windows 95 Desktop Themes - The C&C Themes pack for Win95 is included on the CD, which gives you a Nod, GDI and EVA theme to spruce up your Windows desktop. Also included is a new screen saver!

1.9 Is there a patch to upgrade C&C DOS to C&C Gold?
C&C Gold is a new version with a completely new engine. As a result, there is no way to patch C&C DOS into C&C Gold. However, included in most C&C Gold boxes are coupons good for a $10 rebate if you currently own the DOS version of C&C, and you do NOT have to send in your C&C DOS version to get it.


2.1 How many units are in the game?
Lots. There are close to 50 different units and structures in the game. Each side has different units, different strengths, etc.. We have played here at Westwood quite often to ensure that the game is perfectly balanced.

2.2 Are there air units which I can control?
Yes. As stated before, this is not DUNE II. A10's, Transport helicopters, planes, and other attack craft will be able take orders to land, take off, pick up troops, bomb, etc.. In Command & Conquer, you have real-time control of almost all units.

2.3 How many missions are in C&C?
In total, there are around 50 missions. However, the missions differ depending on which route you take in the game. Finishing the game playing both GDI and NOD doesn't mean that playing the game again will be the same.
Roughly, it will take you about 15 successful missions to complete the game using each side.
There are also specially-designed multiplayer missions which are configurable in a variety of ways. You can play against any combination of computer/player opponents (up to four players) simultaneously. One person cannot play by themselves in multiplayer missions.

2.4 Am I limited in how many units I can create?
No. When programming DUNE II, we had to stick to limited memory requirements. Now, your only limit is the amount of money you have to buy reinforcements, (and how long you can keep your troops alive.)

2.5 Team Mode (?)
Yes, teaming units will be enabled in Command & Conquer through a very simple procedure. Click on a portion of the screen, hold down your mouse button and draw a box around the units you wish to team up, then let the button go. It's that easy. And, you can select a whole screen of your units to create a team if you wish. There really isn't any limit.

2.6 Do I need to buy two copies of the game to play on two computers?
We have designed the game so that you won't need to buy two separate copies of the game in order to play with a friend. You can give away one of your CDs so that you can both play over the modem. In order to play the normal game, you'll need both CDs.
The reason we're doing it this way is so that you can enjoy the multiplayer aspect of C&C more easily. Although we could have designed it so that two copies of the game must be purchased in right, then they will in turn treat us right.

2.7 How is the computer artificial intelligence compared to other games?
Since Command & Conquer was written from scratch, we were able to implement a completely new artificial intelligence. Instead, expect a new adversary which will attack, retreat, regroup, attack again, and probe your base for weaknesses. Helicopters will invade, and troops will pour through your walls all too often.
This game will not be easy.

2.8 Team Mode (Alliance) option.
Because so many of you asked for it, we decided to make it so that you can team up with (or against) your friends in multiplayer mode. Teams can be of one to three players, and of any type (GDI or NOD). Note that this mode is only recommended for 3 or 4 player games.
You will not be able to control your team members' units, but you will have access to his refinery, helicopter pads, and other resources. Most importantly, your units will not attack one another when they come into direct contact.


3.1 Special Keyboard Shortcuts
The advanced keyboard commands are now listed in the C&C Manual. See your documentation for details.
3.2 Quick Tips/Tactics.
a) Using Chem Troopers.
Chem troopers are only available in multi-player mode. Chem troopers do one and a half times the damage of flamethrower infantry units, and can walk through tiberium without taking damage.
b) Building a Nuclear weapon in NOD single player missions.
To allow your Temple of NOD to launch nuclear missiles in the final battle, you will need to retrieve the crates on levels 6, 8, and 12. If you do not find the crates before finishing the mission, the nuclear missile will not be available. You may have to sell or destroy enemy buildings to get a few of the crates. Note that you only get ONE nuke to use in solo missions, but it is much more powerful than the one in multiplayer games.
c) Selling buildings.
Selling a building will get you 50% of the purchase price. Do not sell your construction yard!
d) Capturing enemy buildings.
By capturing an enemy building, you not only have the option of selling it for money, but you can build units and structures that you wouldn't normally be able to do with your own facilities.

3.3 Cheat codes
There are absolutely no cheat codes for Command & Conquer. This means that...
1) There are no cheat codes.
2) No cheat codes were included.
3) We didn't want to include any cheat codes.
No amount of begging will result in something that doesn't exist.
Also, a warning to those who would plunder our code in an attempt to cheat in multiplayer mode. Any attempt to change the software through devious means will result in an out-of-sync error every time you try to connect to someone else. We have conducted several tests to confirm this.

3.4 Chart for creation of units & Structures
The flow chart for unit and structure creation are now included in the new manual. See your documentation for details.

3.5 Description of crate contents in Multi-player mode.
Here is a brief explanation of the contents of crates in multi-player mode.
Random. Can be in any amount up to $2,000.
Equivalent of nuclear strike using Temple of NOD. One shot only.
Uncovers the entire map for the player. This applies to the radar screen, as well as the onscreen map.
Will stealth any unit that discovers this crate, as well as all units and structures within a 50 foot radius.
Random. Can be any GDI or NOD unit.
Heals all of your units and structures to 100% health.
Equivalent of ion cannon using the Advanced Communication Facility. One shot only.
Directs a Nuke Strike against the location of the crate retrieved. Very bad.
Explodes on contact. Not good.
Hides the entire map, except for your units.
Releases a Tiberium-spawned Visceroid into the playing field. Attacks randomly.
If your base is completely gone, there's a chance you can make a quick comeback! You must have at least $2,400 and no structures of any kind left on the map. There is an excellent chance that the next crate you find will contain an MCV.


4.1 What is Kali?
Kali is a program written by Jay Cotton which allows you to play network games using the IPX protocol over an Internet SLIP or PPP connection. We have been playing C&C DOS over KALI for a few months
However, remember that we cannot provide technical support for KALI in any way. If the words "IP Address", "ping", "slip/ppp" and "IPX" are unknown to you, this entire concept may be a little over your head.
Again, neither Westwood Studios nor Electronic Arts can offer support for those of you wishing to experiment with the KALI software.

4.2 How do I get the KALI shareware package?
You can download the newest KALI software and other files you need at:
Remember that you will need KALI for Windows 95 to use it with C&C Gold - the DOS version of KALI WILL NOT WORK with this game.
Remember, this program is shareware. If you find it useful, we suggest you support Jay Cotton in his future programming endeavors by registering your copy.

Playing with MPlayer and TEN

5.1 What are MPlayer and TEN?
WESTWOOD STUDIOS has signed agreements with MPLAYER and THE TEN NETWORK to deliver multi-player Command & Conquer action to the Internet! Unlike modem head-to-head games, both services will support multiple games of up to 4 players each over a PPP or SLIP connection. MPLAYER and TEN have websites on the Internet where you can find more information on pricing and service availability (see below). And don't be surprised if you see some of Westwood's best C&C players online on both services. We like stopping by to refine our skills, as well as hear your comments and suggestions!
As with Kali, neither Westwood Studios nor Electronic Arts provide technical support for MPlayer or TEN. However, both services have a tech support hotline and email address that you can use to get help:
MPlayer (408)342-8844
TEN 1-800-8040TEN

5.2 How do I Connect?
You will need a few things to connect to either MPlayer or TEN:
1) A PPP or SLIP Internet connection
2) Windows 95
3) The services' respective software
MPlayer is currently available in the continental United States and the metropolitan areas of southern Canada. MPlayer is accessible from Alaska and Hawaii if you have a T1 connection, but a modem connection may be inadequate for satisfactory game play.
TEN is currently available to residents of the continental US and Canada.
For full machine requirements, to register for the services, get your free software sent to you and see the service rates, visit the web pages below:
MPlayer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Total Entertainment Network (TEN) . . .
Full instructions for the software's installation and use is available at these sites and in the documentation that comes with the services' CDROMs.
Both services will update you to a special online version of Command and Conquer automatically when you sign on. This will in no way effect your copy of C&C for solo or head-to-head play.


6.1 Modem Initialization Strings
Init strings are not required for the Gold version of C&C. You do, however, need to make sure that your modem is properly installed in the Windows 95 Device manager. You can find this by:
1) Open your control panels. Double click the SYSTEM icon.
2) Click the Device Manager tab. Scroll down until you see the MODEM listing. Click the '+' next to it.
3) Your modem should be listed here BY NAME. If it says 'Standard Serial Modem', reinstall your modem by using The 'Install new hardware' wizard.
4) If your modem is still not recognized by name, you may need to get a new driver from Microsoft or your modem manufacturer.
5) Once you are sure your modem is correctly installed in Windows, access the serial setup area in C&C Gold. Your modem should be listed in the Port box - select it.
Having the modem properly installed insures that the game can correctly send commands to it, insuring good connections.
For more details on modem setup, see the C&CG readme file.

6.2 How to increase modem multi-player performance.
With music playing during a modem game, there is a possibility of pausing or very slow game play. For optimum performance, music volume under the options menu should be set to zero (far left), this is the default setting. The game speed should be satisfactory with sound effects on and music turned down.
Most problems in Internet games are caused by latency (slowdown) in the Internet connection. If you are experiencing pauses or slow play, try pinging your opponent. If you are getting a ping time of greater than 400ms, you may want to try a different opponent. Note that physical distance between players does not always mean anything where latency is concerned.

6.3 Null-modem connections
When connecting via null-modem cable, make sure that your serial ports are listed in the MODEM section of the device manager. If not, you will need to make sure that the DIRECT CONNECTION drivers are installed in Windows 95. Usually you can add this with the ADD/REMOVE features wizard.

6.4 Network notes to remember.
For multiplayer network games we strongly caution you to use a homogeneous network environment - that is, to use the same type of IPX compliant network drivers (e.g., IPX, IPXODI etc.) on each system. We have found incompatibilities between drivers from different manufacturers so you should bear this in mind if you are having network game troubles.
The Game works best using the Microsoft or Novell clients, and the Microsoft IPX/SPX protocol included with Windows 95. At this time, the Novell 32bit client is NOT compatible with C&C Gold.
Please note that, as with C&C DOS, the Network option in the multiplayer menu will NOT appear if the IPX protocol is not loaded properly.

6.5 Networked CD-ROM drives and Multi-CD changers.
C&C does not support multiple CD-ROM drives or CD-changers and assumes that you only have one local CD-ROM drive. If you have more than one CD-ROM drive, you should insert the C&C CD you are using into the first CD driver letter. For example, if you have drives E:, F: and G:, your C&C CD should be inserted into the E: drive. The game will not run or install from a mapped network CDROM drive.

6.6 What is Westwood Online?
Westwood Online is an IRC server designed specifically to allow players to meet and play games via the Internet. Westwood Online has been in service for over a year, playing host to thousands of Monopoly games. Westwood Online is constantly updated to provide for new game releases (such as Red Alert and Command & Conquer Gold) and to provide a great place to meet friends and have a good time.
How can I join you ask? All you need to do is visit the web site at and download the client software. Follow the instructions, and soon you too will be member of Club Westwood!
Westwood Online requires Windows 95, or Windows 3.11 with the Win32 driver.
For more tips on connecting the game in WOL, see the C&C Gold manual, and the help menu in WOL.

6.7 Can DOS and Windows 95 play together?
The DOS version of C&C and Command & Conquer Gold are compatible for modem head-to-head, IPX network, and null modem connections. Internet connections are available only in C&C Gold. Please note that the DOS version of C&C MUST be version 1.22 English, or 1.20 French and German to connect to C&C Gold.

6.8 Can C&C Gold connect to the Macintosh version?
Yes! C&C Gold is fully compatible with the Macintosh version of C&C for Modem, null-modem, IPX Network and Internet play.


7.1 What to do when the game doesn't want to run...
Command & Conquer has been tested on hundreds of computers. If you're having a problem, it probably has something to do with the way your system is set up.
Steps you should take :
1. Read the README file located on the CD-ROM. It contains valuable information about certain sound cards, Windows, etc..
2. Read the troubleshooting section of this document! If it seems to be a common problem that people are having, chances are you will find it answered below.
3. Check our web site or your favorite online service for the newest version of this document. You may also want to check the message areas to see if anyone else has had trouble similar to yours, and has already found a solution.
4. Write or call us! You can reach customer support by dialing 1-949-833-1999. Be sure to have your computer up and running, and get ready to spill your guts about the type of system you're running C&C on. This includes listings of your AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files. You can also contact us at the site mentioned later in this document. Be sure to send all the same information mentioned above in your mail.

7.2 What is DirectX?
DirectX is a set of drivers used for Windows 95 and Windows NT which allow for the easy setup of hardware devices. If your hardware devices support DirectX (and most do) you can play any DirectX compatible program without fear of having to go through a tedious setup process. C&C Gold contains the newest version of DirectX. C&C only uses DirectDraw (for video) and DirectSound (for sound cards) portions of the DirectX set.
To be fully compatible with DirectX, you must have certified drivers. To check if your drivers are certified, you can run the DirectX setup program from the CD in the following directory:
This will open a window showing your current driver sets. ALL of the drivers must have the word CERTIFIED in the right column for your hardware to work correctly with the DirectX drivers. If you do not see a certified label next to a driver, contact the manufacturer of the device for updated drivers that are DirectX 3.0 compatible.

7.3 Video Card Problems
Most Video card problems are caused by drivers that are not DirectX certified (see above). If you get a blank screen or an error message when you run the game, try reinstalling DirectX from the C&C Gold CD and rebooting. If you still get a blank screen or error message, your video drivers are likely not compatible with DirectX. Contact Microsoft, or the manufacturer of your video card.
There is a comprehensive listing of video card manufacturer's web sites at :
Other things you can try:
1) Change your Windows resolution: We suggest 640x480 or 800x600. Some video cards will cause problems in the game if you set it to 1024x768 or higher.
2) Colors: With some cards, having the color amount set above 256 can cause problems in the game. Try lowering the amount of colors on your desktop.
3) Bus Mastering: Some video card (especially Matrox cards) have this feature. disabling it will sometimes fix 'black screen' problems. Some video cards, particularly those using the S3 Virge or ET6000 chipset seem to cause problems in the game when the "Back buffer in video memory" option is turned on. If you experience a "smearing" effect on the map when playing, turn this option OFF in the setup.

7.4 Sound Card Problems
DirectX related sound card problems include stuttering sound and pauses. Incompatible sound card drivers can sometimes affect the video playback as well.
A full listing of sound card drivers can be found at :

7.5 ESS Sound card problems
There are several models of the ESS audiocards that are not compatible with DirectX, but there is a way to get around the problem. The easiest and best thing to do is to get the Newest AudioDrive drivers and Media Pilot (version 4.2 or higher) from Compaq.
You can also do the following:
1) Open the SYSTEM icon in the control panel.
2) In device manager, open the sound devices. Remove your ESS card from the system.
3) Close the device manager.
4) Open the Add New Hardware icon. Choose manual (don't let Windows scan).
5) In the Hardware Type box, choose Sound, Video and Game controllers, then click next.
6) In the Manufacturer's box, click ESS Technology, Inc.
7) In the models box, click ESS ES688 AudioDrive (no matter what model you have), and click next.
8) Click next to accept default settings.
9) Click finish.
10) Click yes to restart.
This should work for most models of ESS cards. If it doesn't, you will have to contact Compaq or ESS Technologies for drivers.

7.6 DirectX STILL doesn't work for me!
If you absolutely cannot get DirectX 3.0 to work for you, even after installing new drivers from your sound and video card manufacturers, then there is something else you can try. Many users have reported that the DirectX 2.0 version will work with C&C Gold, and virtually every device on the market now supports the 2.0. We warn you that this has not been tested by Westwood, and should only be used as a final resort.
You can download the DirectX 2.0 drivers from the Microsoft web site:
Remember, the game will run optimally with the 3.0 version and updated drivers. Use the 2.0 version at your own risk.

7.7 DOS and Win95 LAN Connection
The DOS version of C&C and C&C Gold are fully compatible in an IPX LAN environment. In some cases, you may find that your DOS machine will not see your Win95 machine in the multiplayer setup, and vice-versa. Try the following to correct this problem (thanks to Tom Wright for these tips!)
1) On the DOS machine, you must run LSL, your card driver, and the IPXODI protocol.
2) On the Win95 machine, make sure you are running the Client for MS Networks, your card driver, and the IPX/SPX protocol.
3) You will need to adjust the Win95 machine to see DOS. To do this:
a) Open the Network Icon in the control panel.
b) Select the properties for the IPX/SPX protocol in the list.
c) Select Advanced.
d) Change the default of AUTO to the Frame type used by your DOS machines (this is generally stated when you load the card driver on the DOS side).
e) Hit OK, until Windows asks you to restart.
f) It is suggested to turn off the machine and restart it to reinitialize the net card.
4) Run the game on the DOS machine, then the Win95 machine, and it should connect.
5) Have fun!

7.8 DOS and Win95 Savegames
DOS and Windows 95 version savegames are NOT interchangeable - they will only work with their respective versions.

7.9 Does C&C Gold work with Windows NT or OS/2?
Westwood Studios does not test or support games under Windows NT or OS/2. From user feedback, C&C Gold does not work with either operating system.

7.10 "Letterbox Screen" Effect
Some monitors/video cards do not automatically adjust to the resolution of the game. When this is the case, the game can appear to have large black gaps at the top and bottom of the screen, similar to letterbox format in some videos. The only cure for this, short of a new monitor, is to manually adjust (stretch vertically) the picture until it fills the screen. Some monitors will remember the setting after manually adjusting it the first time, others won't.

7.11 The game keeps asking me to insert the CD when it is already there!
This can be caused be a few things. Also related to this problem are the so called "hall of mirrors" effect (a black map with only the units visible; when they move, they leave a trail of after images) and the "black screen/please stand by" lockup.
The possible causes of these problems are:
1) The CD is dirty, scratched, or bad. Clean or replace the CD.
2) The CDROM drive is dirty or faulty. If you can get a directory of the CD, it is probably not a defective drive.
3) You are using Windows 95 Powertools, such as FlexiCD, QuickCD, etc. Be sure to disable ALL Powertools and Tweaks before running the game.
4) You are using a 16bit driver for your CDROM drive. Windows 95 gives the best CDROM performance when you use a 32bit CDROM driver. To check this, go to CONTROL PANEL/SYSTEM/DEVICE MANAGER. Open the properties for your CDROM drive. If the status Window mentions MSDOS emulation, you are using a 16bit driver.
To fix this, open your AUTOEXEC.BAT file to see if you are using an old DOS CD driver. It will look something like this:
REM this line out, and reboot your machine. Your CDROM should still be accessable in Windows, though it may not be available in DOS mode. If you still have problems, open your CONFIG.SYS file and look for a line that is similar to the following:
REM this line out as well, then reboot. As above, your CDROM drive should still be available in Windows 95, though not in DOS mode.
If your CDROM drive is NOT accessable in Windows, you may have to run the "install new hardware" wizard to get Windows to recognize it. It this fails, your drive may not be supported by the Windows drivers, in which case, you may be able to find a 32bit driver by contacting your CDROM manufacturer. Otherwise, you can take the REM out and return your machine to the original configuration.


8.1 How can I order C&C or other Westwood products?
In the United States, call....................1-800-874-4607.
Everywhere else...............................1-619-549-0222.
You can also order products by visiting the Westwood Web Store on our seb site (see below).

8.2 How to contact Westwood Studios
For technical support, please go to this web site:

8.3 Westwood FTP / WWW site.
You can get to our web site at :
You can get to out FTP site at :


9.1 When will "Command & Conquer II: Tiberian Sun" be released?
"Coming Soon." There is no official release date avaialble for the game at this time. As soon as details are available about the game, we will let everyone know through the Westwood Studios WEB site. Tiberian Sun is an entirely new game, not a data disk for C&C: Tiberian Dawn.

Red Alert is the next C&C game, available in stores now. A FAQ for RED ALERT is available in the same place you found this one that covers the details of this PREQUEL to COMMAND & CONQUER: TIBERIAN DAWN.
You can find out more about RED ALERT at the Westwood Studios web site:

9.3 Where can I get extra missions for Command & Conquer?
COMMAND & CONQUER: COVERT OPERATIONS features a variety of -very- difficult GDI and NOD missions, along with 10 more multiplayer maps for additional modem and network campaigns with friends.
You can find out more about COVERT OPERATIONS at the Westwood Studios web site:


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