Darren Greene is 23 years old at the beginning of Incursion. He is tall and broad, though very fraily built; with short, dark brown hair. As a day job he works as a designer for Altus, and has a considerable salary. He appears to be a kind, warm bachelor who wants for nothing.
    In reality he is tortured by his inner demons. He sleeps alone each night for an average of five hours. There are gaps in his memory that he cannot explain; one as long as four hours. His self-confidence is almost non-existent. Headaches plague him, as do vivid hallucinations of colours around people, and things.
    Bullied for years for mentioning these, and others; he was a shaken, quiet boy for most of his early life. His social life was confined to visiting the few friends he had. He turned to study, not Mathematics or English, but to the peoples of the very first civilizations; the Egyptian, Mayan, and particularly Sumerian cultures.
    He has known Nathan for ten years, Willow for eight and Lauren for seven. Without them, the taunts would have driven him to kill himself; refraining for fear of hurting them. In 1999, he decided to break free of this and fight for each heartbeat life would give him.
    As Incursion begins, he lives in a spacious apartment in Dublin city centre, overlooking the river Liffey; about a half-hour's walk from Willow's apartment, and nearly an hour's walk to Nathan's.

Darren Greene appears in Incursion

'See that man over there?' said Darren, as he waved his hand in the general direction of the couple; 'The one he's with really likes him, but he's only looking after himself. That's all he cares about. He doesn't see her as a person. Only as a... a thing. Something you get stuff out of... a vending machine. Put your money in, you get something nice in return. He sees her as a vending machine. And once he's had his fun, he'll give the vending machine a good kick for boring him. And she'll think, up until then, that he really likes her. I've seen too many of these people around. Not that they're only men: about half of them aren't. Future of the whole bloody human race, these people. There, you think I could have said all that so well if I was drunk?'
         --from Chapter 2
'Why do you insult me like that? I did nothing to you. Why do you say I will burn in hell? How dare you claim to know what God thinks!'
         --from Chapter 2
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