Television speech; 20th of July 2006:
<< A Menuhim stands behind a platform >>
Hello Earth. We are the Menuhim. You now know that your kind is not the only sentient race in existence. The ship that is at present above Dublin city is ours. Your kind has many woes, which we are here to alleviate.
<< Camera shows a Menuhim helping a homeless person to their feet. They smile >>
We are presently in the process of elevating the Irish people to our level of understanding. In order for this process to go unhindered we cannot allow any monitoring of our activities. Any attempt will be negated; and the country responsible will be last to receive our assistance.

Television speech; 1st of August 2006:
A murderer has escaped our prisons, and this island. His name is Nathan Bright, and he is responsible for the deaths of more than two hundred of his country persons and twenty Menuhim. This man is suffering from post-traumatic stress, brought on by the shock of seeing one of us for the first time. His actions cannot go unpunished. We ask all civilised races to assist us, and him; by apprehending him at once and returning him to us in order for his actions to face trial.