"The angels shall sleep in their chambers one night,
    Demons will come to them, and find those similar;
Take them into their grasp,
    We cannot protect them all."

-- The Book of the Enacki
The Fallen are hybrids who have been seduced by the promises of the Zantrophe... promises of power and material pleasures. These promises are on the condition that they take the Earth for them to share. If they Zantrophe do take Earth, then those pleasures are easily granted.
    For a short time, all hybrids were believed to be free of this possibility, even though it was prophecised in the Book of the Enacki. Each hybrid seemed to a kind and warm creature who could cause no harm other than to prevent a more serious one.
    The Menuhim's arrogance was proven wrong. About eight years before Incursion begins, the fall of the hybrids took place. A group of two hundred and fourty-four hybrids fled from the Menuhim homeworld to prepare for war.
The leaders of the Fallen, Ki XulDur, Pa XulDur, Do XulDur and Ir XulDur; each of these is a psychic being of tremendous power. (Note: The Zantroph suffix is often used instead of XulTur, mainly by the hybrids loyal to the Enacki)... and this power was augmented by the Zantrophe. These hybrids are very capable of stripping the entire life force from another, and consuming it whole.
    Once their intent was discovered, the loyal leaders of the hybrids followed the fallen to an ancient site on the Menuhim homeworld that had been used by fallen Menuhim to worship the Zantrophe. It contained a conduit to the place where they reside, and massive amounts of Zantrophe energy was poured into the leaders of the fallen. When a group of forty hybrids, led by Ki DaNu and Pa HorTack cornered the hybrids at the temple, they were blasted by the fallen. Out of the forty, only Pa HorTak escaped alive.
    A larger force later returned there, but the leaders were gone, and the other fallen were assumed to have travelled to a world occupied by the fallen Menuhim. There is a belief that the leaders used the conduit to travel to the place of the Zantrophe.

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