Nathan's vision began to clear, and he staggered back. The blurred image of a thousand grinning people, of a dozen different races and in clothes of a hundred different colours; dissolved into nothing, to be replaced with clouds of dark-grey where the people had been, now just faint forms. Fainter still were other things, red creatures that latched onto the clouds, and dragged the faintest of all away. He looked at them for a moment, and saw them grow more clear as the moments drifted past; along with the rest of the world. It wasn't quick, but it was still there. At the end of the street he saw a mutated skyscraper, ripped apart and distorted just within recognition. The base of it glowed a firey orange, into which the clouds were sent, hurried along by the creatures. At the top of the skyscraper, a dark blood-red cloud hung. On occasion, a burst of fire shot up the core of the building, and the clouds erupted in an expanding burst of lightning.

    He looked upon the creatures again. Their walk was a shuffle, one that gave the impression that their limbs were about to drop off. They were wrapped in a tight, blood-red robe; addorned with twisted pieces of metal, and rising to a large hood that sagged over their faces, like slime. One of the creature's hood oozed down the back of their head, to reveal a human face.

We know your feet are on the ground; don't listen to this fool