Nathan Bright starts of Incursion at the age of 23. He is tall and wide, and though not particularily well built, he is quite strong and fast. He is a pacifist by nature, and programs computers for Visi Technologies, an American company with a development centre in Ireland. His friends call him Nate.
    Up until two years before the book begins, Nathan had been just like everyone else. The occasional meaningless fling; the drinking sessions and waking up next to a girl he didn't know. One day he woke up and realised how empty he had kept all his short relationships, and began to wait for the right girl.
    An acoustic guitar, kept in his apartment, has helped him stay calm for years. He reads extensively, particularly Stephen King and a few books from Isaac Asimov, Greg Bear, and Douglas Adams. The book that lies on his coffee table at the moment is The Threat by David M Jacobs; where "the chilling picture of our drastically altered future" is revealed. There are also some copies of Egyptian and Sumerian texts on his shelf, and on his computer; which himself and Darren have studied for a few years--though Nathan has lent himself also to the Hebrews and the Olmecs.
    He has known Darren for ten years, Willow for eight and Lauren for seven.
    Nathan lives in an apartment just outside the centre of Dublin; just under an hour's walk from Darren's apartment, roughly an hour and fifteen minutes' walk from Willows.

Nathan Bright appears in Incursion and Earth War

Nathan checked his wallet. Cards, cash, closed. He patted his pocket. Clink. He closed the door to his apartment, took out his key and locked it. Clunk. He headed for the stairs, and ran down them. Fifty-seven steps, no more, no less. He swung out the open door and walked towards his car; raised his keyring, and pressed the alarm button. Beep.
    'Routine!', he yelled, under the sound of the engine.

         --from Chapter 1
He put the cup down on the coffee table, walked into the kitchen and took out a handful of biscuits. Street Spirit was easing itself out of the CD Player's speakers. He returned to the kitchen, and put the biscuits down on the saucer, and turned his attention to his coffee.
    I shouldn't be drinking this stuff, he thought, while he patted his stomach. My insides are messed up as it is. 'Oh well,' he said, and reached for the cup with a jerk, before he could change his mind.
    It exploded on the far wall.

         --from Chapter 5
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