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8th August
The Earth War section has been updated; now more of it's own site than a part of this one. Stories and art from the war on Earth. There is also a mod for Half-Life in the works... in case you were wondering, my handle is Kawolski. The Legal section has been updated again, this time to suit the purpose of the Earth War project.

At least you all know what that smirk was for :)

1st August
Chapter One is up. No more freebies (smirks)... it's in it's complete form (though knowing me I'll make some more changes after saying that); 100% done. More than 6,000 words ready for you to read.
As you can probably guess, that's the big news of the week. Next week is something entirely different. Other news includes a redone legal section, and a modified extracts section to suit the new addition. The Earth War page got a BIT more added to it; to try and add some suspense... I think it's kind of lame. I'm going to have to redo it...

19th June
New links section added

9th June
I know I've been away for too long... this has been written at 4:15am because this book gripped me by the throat... here's a breakdown on how the thing is going. I amn't writting it in a linear form, though changes are always being made to make it flow more easily. The Prologue is now Chapter One, with an upwards shuffle.

Chapter 1 70% complete. Heavy rewriting.
Chapter 2 85-90% complete. Rewrites here and there... the 10-15%.
Chapter 4 12-16% complete.
Chapter 5 Only the synopsis is sorted.
Chapter 6 About 25-33% done.
Chapter 7 Synopsis sorted.
Chapter 8 Synopsis sorted.
Chapter 9 25-33% done. Did this for a few hours before writing up the news. Not much action, but it had to be done for the characters sake, so they didn't seem like idiots content to know nothing about what is going on.
Chapter 10 5-7% done.
Chapter 11 10% done... the ending.
Chapter 12 25-33% done.

What this means Incursion is about a quarter done. That's DONE, not first draft material, but DONE. It's going to take a lot of work to get there, but I'm willing. I'd also like to thank my visitors... I've recieved over 200 hits to my site, which I think is great. Incursion.net isn't working... the host jumped companies and didn't change the redirection. I'll email him later on today; he said he'd sort it out, but exams were a pain in the neck last week so it will be soon.
Oh, and there's an extract from Earth War at the linked page... this is first draft material, so please, be lenient.

24th March
Yes. I know I said information on the hybrids would be here by 22nd February at the latest... I've been to busy. But they're here now! The site has been completely redesigned, with the exception of the "tour" part... I think it's great. Some new extracts from Incursion should be soon up too... though as of late I've been focusing on the later parts of the book. I've taken down the auto-email script, as it wasn't working... three people sent me emails by it I never received. If anyone else wants to talk to me, as said at the bottom of each page, my e-mail address is incursion@eircom.net. I also now have incursion.net... someone bought incursion.com and is selling it for $500. If anyone wants to buy it, and donate it to me... no, didn't think so.

24th February
Just writing to say that the site received three out of five shamrocks from doras, the Irish internet directory... it's on page 5 of literature. I think it's quite an achievement, considering the site is not complete, nor has any of the larger sections even been begun.

10th February
Copyright notices placed in the first page and the Visitor's Center. Sorry, I'm just paranoid ;)

9th February
The sizes of the main images are down by two-thirds, to just over 10Kb each. Sorry for those who were waiting so long.

8th February
Information on the hybrids... two weeks, tops. Seriously.

22nd January
A small part of the prologue has been put in to the extracts section. I've also taken up the pen (or rather the typing fingers) and have started once more to delve into Incursion. I've also put a list of characters up in the details section. (Note, this section is now called the Resources section -- 9-Jun-00))

20th January
Fixed some really embarassing spelling mistakes... I admit I might me wrong, does that sound familiar?

18th January
19,000 words committed to paper or disk... progress? Two months ago it was 18,500 -- my brain tries to throw up some feeble excuse, but I should have about 24-25,000 done by now, to reach my August target -- sigh.
The Incursion site is still not on public release; only a select few have seen these pages -- and half of those visitors were me doing some minor editing / error checking. Well, back to work. Temporary site is finished, which is FAR better than the previous temporary. Eeek. I'm posting it up tommorrow. My god, it's 12:34am and I've got a test tommorrow! Today, I mean...

12th January
Updated appearance of the main page... the rest will be done sone...

7th January 2000
The automatic email script is now working--and I've been working on the ideas behind the sequels to this... sorry about the delay on the mud.

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