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Free The Old Head of Kinsale

As Winter rears its wet and cold snivelly head we can reflect on a Summer of successful pincic protests on the Old Head of Kinsale.

The Picnics, mass entrances onto the golf course at the Old Head of Kinsale were initiated to protect public access to the historic headland after the Golf Course owners began stopping people walking there. People have been walking the headland for hundreds of years and resented the attempt to fence it off for wealthy golfers. The course is the most expensive in Ireland.

Despite poor weather all the picnics during the Summer were well attended. Hundreds on occasion taking advantage. The situation has now been reached where the gates of the course open after the first few protestors climb the walls or over the razor wire fence. All ages attend some in costume and all of course with picnics. you are treated to wonderful sea and cliff views a spectacular lighthouse and a roaring ocean. Though the Summer is past the picnicers plot away in their homes for the next round coming soon to the Old Head of Kinsale.

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The Caz Story

Living collectively, squatting abandoned buildings, creating new inclusive spaces that promote learning and sharing rather than what a capitalist society is currently offering is a desire that rings loudly in our movement. Friends in Cork and around Ireland have been talking about it for a while. These projects have been successful in many places worldwide and proven sustainable and we are coming closer all the time.

The vision: a space that’s totally the responsibility of its users, minus landlords, for positive development. We want a centre for broad community activity, that’s open to the public to stroll in, have a cup of tea and feel comfortable that the space was not created to exploit but to offer a shared enhancement to everyday life. Here in Cork, we’re not there yet but we’ve started with the CAZ. Click here for full story.

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