North Belfast to South Belfast...The Long Way

In May of 1990 Gordon Kelly, a Quaker and retired postal worker, felt guided to walk the distance between his own meeting, Frederick Street, and the meeting in the city's southern suburbs, South Belfast. The total distance is about 4 miles. But Gordon heard the call to take a longer route -- a 2000+ mile hike around the coast of Ireland testifying to those he met about the preciousness of our planet and about the power of non-violence. He hung a sign "Quaker Friend of The Earth" on the hand-truck that carried his worldly possessions, and began an amazing three-month adventure, penniless. With not a bob in his pocket, he relied entirely on the kindness of those he encountered for food and shelter, leaving in exchange, he hoped, a little piece of himself.

Full Circle is a Quaker journal telling Gordon's remarkable story and the spiritual insights arising from it. One of the things Gordon Kelly was to carry full circle was the parting words of Adeline, his wife: "Remember, this is a pilgrimage, not a marathon".

You can find Full Circle in interFriend's Library section along with a selection of photos taken on Gordon's trip.