HTA/ITC Dr. Pat O'Callaghan Championship

2006 - HTA/ITC "Intercalculated Games"
2007 - 1st HTA/ITC Dr. Pat O'Callaghan Championship

In August 1937 Dr. Pat O'Callaghan threw the hammer to a new world record 195' 4". Due to 
the refusal of the IAAF to recognise the NACAI O'Callaghan was prevented from holding the 
record, just as he had been preventedfrom defending his Olympic title in 1936. His 
unofficial world record would not be bettered until 1950 when broken by Pal Nemath. To 
commerate the 70th anniverssary of his unofficial world record, the last world record to 
be set by an Irish man in throwing, the HTA and ITC will hold the 1st Dr. Pat O'Callaghan
Championships in August 2007. A trial run of the Championships will be held at An Riocht 
Track on the 27th of August 2006 and as it fits in nicely will commerate the 100th 
anniverssary of the Intercalculated Games in 1906. The Championship will also recognise 
the acheivements of Martin Sheriden and Denis Horgan with the holding of a Discus and Shot 
Putt competition.

The Championship will include: 

A hammer Decatalon ( two throws with all weights, )
A Shot Putt
A Discus
A 56lb w.f

Under Construction