03/11/06 56lb turn and putt and greek discus records have been added. All other records have been updated.
20/10/06 Irishthrowersclub is now on Youtube!!! All videos are now being put on The links are in the videos section. So far I've only got new Non-Standerd throws videos up. So keep checking back (Please!) The results of the Dunboyne championships is in the Results section. Check out the forum where there's a poll on who you think is Irelands greatest thrower and qualifying marks for the World Hibernian Heavy Events Championships in America next year.

8/10/06 Created a new section in "Training" called "Technique" and added some links to Hammer Technique sites. Will add more soon. If anyone has any articles or know of any that are on the net please send them to me.

7/10/06 I have just done a bit of tidying with the links down the side. Dan Kennedys excellent article has been moved from "Coaching and Competitions" to "Articles" and the former has been deleted. Weight Training and the eternaly under construction Conditioning area have been put into "Training". If anyone has articles or links to contribute to these please pass them on.

1/10/06 Some new Profiles have been added and I've set up a new Guestbook as the old one had to be put down. Life can be cruel. Am in the process of adding more videos. And for anyone who doesn't know it there is a map at the bottem of the homepage which shows the location of people who hit the site. Hello Japan!

30/9/06Mens rankings updated with results from National League final and National Masters Championships. Womens rankings updated with results from the National League. As I was not sent on the weights I was not able to update with the vets results. This is the last update of the year and how the Irish Rankings stand as of the 2006 season.Congratulations to everyone on a hard season and best of luck with training over the winter. In the rankings section also is what will become, when updated (which is where you come in), the All Time 56lb for distance performance list. I thank Jerry Horgan for passing me on the list, which I belive was compiled by Phil Conway in 1985. I ask for everyones help in bringing the list up to date. Also, everyone PLEASE sign the petition to fix the hammer/discus circle in Santry. We need your support on this. Also I have got the Hammer videos working and a video of Nicky Sweeney in the Discus Videos section. And I got the Irish Throwers Section back, not sure how.

26/9/06 Updateing profiles, formerly known as the members area. Yes I know it's the ugliest thing every seen, along with the rankings but as my HTML improves so will the graphics and such. Email me with additions, both to you who aren't on it and you who are. Rankings will be updated for last time this comeing weekend...maybe...

31/8/06 Results of the 2006 Intercalculated Games are in the Results section. Congratulations to all the World Record Breakers, Ireland still deserves it's title as the Hammer Throwing capital of the world. There was a great attendence and some great throwing. Eoin Leen threw and outstanding 55.24 to continue on good form in the Discus. Sadly, no one entered the Shot Putt and it will be dropped from next years 1st HTA/ITC Dr. Pat O'Callaghan Championships. Congrats to all who took part, hope there's a big crowd next year. Also, I hope your all going to be at Dunboyne, it's been up on the net for ages, got no qustions from anyone on it so I take it ye all know what's going on?

17/8/06I have updated the Records section with records for the Weights Pentatalon. I am currently in the process of putting togetor a list of Irish Records for all the events in the ITC/HTA program and as well as the WP I have the Goulding Hammer, Greek Discus and Grenade Records ready with the exception of a few peices here and there and expect to have them up on the net soon.

06/8/06It was with a heavy heart I had to delete my angry oversized German warning sign, but all for a good cause. A few throwers (the ever present Hugh Fitzpatrick and Mark Thompson) suggested that we use this site to get a petition going to complain and hopefully get something done about the "suicide ring" at Santry Stadium. Due to "The mess up" with the time table at the nationals I never got the honour of throwing in it, but I did see it at the end of the first day and I am still of the openion that the large mound in the middle is due to a dead body being buried there. I'm not the best at writeing official documents (where's Leo Sharkey when you need him) but I did my best and feel that the petition gets across most of the throwers complaints. Please everyone sign it, and pass on the email and get as many people as possible to sign it. We are the race who got "A Nation Once Again" voted as the "BBC Greatest Song Of All Time" so surely we can get enough racket going to fix the circle!

05/8/06Rankings have been updated with the results of the National Seniors, A Dublin Graded Meet and Mazda League Round 1 (thanks to Hugh Fitzpatrick for the results) and the Kerry County Seniors (thanks to Alan O Conner) where Eoin Leen acheived 54.06 with the Disc to lead this years rankings so well done to him. On behalf of all at the Irish Throwers Club I want to wish the best of luck to Eileen O'Keeffe and the rest of the Irish team at the European Championships in Gothenburg. There's a bit of trouble with the videos at the moment, trying to get it sorted but it may take a while.

02/8/06Right, back at work. I want to give a big thanks to Dan Kennedy for all the videos he sent me, just got them all downloaded and am in the process of getting them all up on the site. If you go to the hammer section of the Videos page you will find that all the videos are gone and replaced by two, Eileen O Keefe's national record 69.36 and a random throw by McGrath. If there is trouble downloading these please tell me. Dan says that a Quintec...thing...can be downloaded to make the videos run in normal time, haven't checked it out yet. Only a few weeks to go to the Intercalculated Games, hopeing for a big crowd. Tell everyone. Congrats to all who competed in the nationals (and those who didn't) I will update results when I am not lazy (next year) I also intend to send an e-mail or letter of complaint regarding the hammer circle and it's positioning. It does not provide for the safety of those competeing, be it the throwers or the guys too week to throw so they run down the sides!

13/6/06 Mens and Womens Rankings have been updated with recent results. Have not received information on the weights at juvinile and Schools womens level and have not been able to include these results. I am in the process of emailing the AAI and asking them to include these Rankings (where not IUAA and HTA) in their rankings list, just published. It is shocking to see that Paudrig White is the ONLY person in the entire country that threw the Hammer all year, especially as I could have sworn I took part in a Munster Senior Championships. Barry Delany, you'll back me up won't you? Or was it all just a freaky dream...
Due to unwanted advertiseing, members will have to log in before being allowed to access the Forum.
Anything anyone wants included in the site or if anyone wants to email me, do it before Friday (14th) night as I have and RDF (FCA) training camp the next morning for two weeks and will be lucky if I can get leave to travel to the nationals.

27/6/06 I am informed that some patrons bearly bother to look beyond the homepage. Seeing it unchanged (most certinly not looking at the update counter near the bottem) they continue on their way which is why a big german warning sign is now inhabiting the homepage.
The Banner Has Been Returned, Long Live The Banner!!!
Check out the ITC events section, information on the Dr. Pat O'Callaghan Championships and this years Intercalculated Games have been put there.
Info on this years Dunboyne world Champs comeing up soon.
19/6/06Rankings have been updated with the results from the Munster Senior Championships, the Cork County Senior Championships and the men and womens European Cup. Results from the Secondary Schools All-Irelands have not yet been included.
10/6/06 Womens Rankings added. These exclude the Schools results until someone informs me what catagories throw senior implements
09/6/06 Womens IUAA records have been updated. Please, anyone who has the results of the Leinster Senior, or indeed any other outdoor Senior competition, please email me them to me, or a link.
I have spent the day working on a ranking list from the competition results avalible to me. I have so far only put one togethor for the mens and will begin working on one for the womens results tomorow. The Rankings list is abalible by clicking on the link on the right hand side. If anyone has results of outdoor competitions please send them to me.

28/5/06 Sorry for the delay in updateing but I've just finished my tests (until August when I'll have to repeat half of them) so I'm going to get to work bringing the site up to scratch.
In future when you open the homepage at the bottem you will see "News updated..." In News I will post any updates that have occured so it will be easier for you to navigate. First thing anyway is I got rid of the ugly "Indexa" at the bottem of the screen. The Logo is still hovering in Limbo somewhere, haven't had time to change the code, it'll be back soon.
In "Irish Throwers" I have added a page on Len Braham. It contains a peice written by Colm Murphy and a badly written peice by myself.
I'll be getting the results from this years Len Braham Easter Throws Championship up in the "Results" section soon. If you go to "ITC Events" you will see an entery marked "Awaiting Verification" containing a link to a biography of the great Dr. Pat. Very mysterious, in a "Lost" type way! All will be explained soon.

12/5/06 You will all hopefully excuse the current conditions of the board as I get to grips with it. You will notice that clicking on most links will bring up the page you clicked for with the links again. This is a temporary inconvinence as I change a bit of the HTML that was used to create the site by Tim as I'm not up to his standerd! Also, the banner has disappeared. I'll get it back, don't worry. This is again because I'm changeing the HTML
I would hope that more people would become involved in the forum which I have set up. I would like to congratulate Sgt Jackson on the outstanding research he has done and am very glad he deceided to share it with us. The fourm is open to all discusion topics and I hope that it could be used as a central area for the countries large throwing contingent. You can post results and up coming fixtures there.
I'm afraid that I am currently in the middle of tests and am thus unable to do a huge amount of work on this at the moment, but if anyone has any suggestions they can pm me in the forum

James Nagle