This is the only complete Ranking list in the country. It contains the top ranked athletes in the Shot Hammer, Discus, Javelin and 56lb W.F from competition results avalible to me. This list takes into account results from Intervarsity and Hibernian Throwers Association/Irish Throwers Club competitions as well as AAI.

The Ranking system follows the usual Name, Club, Distance, Location and Date format. Dates of Birth have been left out as I don't know any. If you wish to have your date of birth included please email or pm me.
Where a Club name appeares in brackets that means the athlete was competeing for their College. Where a location is followed by (IUAA) indicates that the competition was an Intervarsity championship. Where followed by (HTA) indicates it was a Hibernian Throwers Association/Irish Throwers Club championship

STANDERD: The distances required for inclusion in the list are: MENS Shot Putt 10.00+, Discus 30.00+, Hammer 30.00+, Javelin 30.00+ 56lb W.F 5.00+, 56lb O.B TBA WOMENS Shot Putt 10.00+, Discus 25.00+, Hammer 25.00+, Javelin 25.00+ Please inform me of any result not appearing here, be they open sports, county, provencial, national or international, Schools, Intervarsities or HTA.

All Time 56lb Rankings

Men Rankings 2006

Womens Rankings 2006