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Things to do with a bit of plastic

Plastic is a wonderful invention - almost indestructible, weatherproof and never rots. When you have a certain variety of plastic, shaped in a somewhat hydrodynamic fashion, your imagination starts to take over and you begin to think what mischief one can get up to with such an implement.

Applying this theory to the art of canoeing, or kayaking to be a little more correct, one transcends a greater part of the history of man, from his earlier priorities of survival through to his modern day recreational pursuits. Along the way, the design focus of his water borne vehicle also changed.

This evolution has never been so rapid as that of the last five to ten years. To make a comparison with the automobile, it would mean trying to imagine our roads filled with fibreglass vehicles. The consequences for safety strength and durability are obvious. And so it is that the art of kayaking, especially the wild water variety has, literally, gone places never dreamt of.

Canoeing, kayaking and surfing in Ireland - Irish Canoeing Union

Canoeing in Ireland

Ireland has a certain respect among kayakers of the world. The same terrain and climate that has been cursed by many terrestrials down through time can attract outdoor enthusiasts including kayakers. Chief among the attractions in Ireland for these would be our rivers and coast.

River paddling in Ireland has every extreme for the enthusiast. The county of Kerry is a haven for white-water kayaking thanks to the watershed provided by the Macgillicuddy Reeks and the rivers there are some of the most challenging to be found.

The combination of an extremely long coastline and the constant buffering of Atlantic swells makes for phenomenal choice. From sea-kayaking trips along the coastline, or even around the whole island to kayaking the waves in a quasi surfing fashion, Ireland is the envy of many land-locked countries.

Lake paddling is also a popular pastime for many, especially those new to 9:14 PM 5/22/00 kayaking, and Ireland has no shortage of still water.

Canoeing in an Alpine river gorge

Also known as Rodeo or Playboating, Freestyle is a new form of kayaking encouraged in no small amount by the development of kayaks with radically new fluid friendly shapes. More information on Irish freestyle, rodeo or playboating can be found at the Irish Freestyle site

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