Mr. Sean Keane 3rd Dan

Club: Charleville Taekwon Do Club. Instructor: Mr. Tom O Sullivan

Mr. Sean Keane joined the Irish United Taekwon Do Federation in 1996 and by 1998 was competitor of the year. He holds a science degree from University College Dublin and a degree in physical education from the University of Limerick. He also holds a Higher Diploma in Education from University College Cork. Mr. Keane has been to the forefront of the -75 kg and -80kg sparring sections in Ireland since becoming a black belt. He has won medals in Africa, Europe, and North America, and looks forward to competing in Asia and Latin America in the next two years.

Major Achievements:
1997 IUTF vs Taekwon Do Ireland (team event) Gold
1997 IUTF vs Wales (ITU, team event, Cardiff) Gold
1998 West African Open (The Gambia) Gold X 2
1998 GTI Scottish Championships Bronze
1998 Open World TKD Championships (England) Quarterfinals
1998 Open National TKD Championships, (-75kg) Silver
1999 North German Championships Gold
1999 IUTF vs Wales (ITU, team event, Cork) Gold
1999 Open National TKD Championships, (-80kg) Gold
2000 TKD International Open World Champs (Holland) Bronze (Team)
2000 Fajr International Martial Arts Champs (Iran) Gold X 3
2000 IUTF vs All Ireland TKD Ass. (ITF) Gold, team
2000 AIMAA Open World Championships (Dublin) Silver (Team)
2000 Open National TKD Championships (-80kg) Gold
2001 National Kickboxing Champion, Light Contact -80kg
2001 WOMAA World Games (-80kg) Silver
2001 Open National TKD Championships (+80kg) Gold
2002 Master Choi's Cup, (Canada, -80kg) Silver
2002 Open National TKD Championships (+80kg) Gold
2002 Munster Championships (+80kg) Gold
2003 AMA TKD Championships (England, +80kg) Gold
2003 Munster Championships (+80kg) Gold
2003 WKA World Championships, Gold

2004 Munster Championships, Silver, Bronze
2004 GTI English Championships, Gold
2004 GTI Elite Team Championships, Gold