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On this page, you will find information that may be able to sort out any problems you're having with downloads from this site, or the site itself.
"P" is for Problem, "S" is for Solution.
If you've tried everything on this page and are still having a problem, you can contact me on the Celestia Forum, and hopefully I can help you with it.


P #1: When I try to download a file, it won't, or else I get a wrong file.
S: If it doesn't download at first, try it again a few times, or else try again later. If it still doesn't work, try typing in the file name of the link manually into the address bar of your browser. If you get a wrong file, contact me on the Celestia Forum, and I'll correct the problem ASAP.

P #2: I downloaded something, but the instructions are missing/confusing.
S: When you download something (from my site), this is where the different file types always go:

  • .3ds go in the "Celestia > Models" folder.

  • .ssc go in the "Celestia > Extras" folder.

  • .xyz go in the "Celestia > Data" folder.

  • All image types (.jpg, .bmp, .png etc) go in the "Celestia > Textures > Medres" folder, unless specifically stated.

    P #3: A zip file I downloaded is corrupt or won't open properly.
    S: This problem is usually caused by pausing & restarting Download Accelerators. Disable any that you may have, and download using the standard downloader that comes with your browser.

    P #4: I've downloaded & installed something, but when I try to view it in Celestia it's invisible or else I can't go to it at all.
    S: First, ensure that all files are in their correct places. (See problem #2 above.) If the problem persists, there are 2 different forms it could take.
    1. I can go to the object, but it's invisible.
    2. I can't go to the object. It's as if I didn't install it at all.

  • 1. This is usually because the object has a set "Beginning" and "Ending" time, and either the mission hasn't yet begun, or it has ended. Run time backwards & forwards very fast and see if it appears. If it still doesn't, check the ssc file to make sure it is pointing to the correct model .3ds file.

  • 2. This is usually caused by the order in which .ssc files load (alphabetically). If an object with an "A" ssc file name is orbiting an object with an "S" ssc file name, in a different ssc file it won't load. Put the orbiting object in the same file as the object it's orbiting, and it should work properly. Also, check that the ssc file doesn't have any mistakes in it.

    P #5: When I install a model that has textures, the places where the textures should be appear black, but then take on other, strange textures sometimes. What the hell is going on?!!
    S: This problem is partly caused by a really cool bug in Celestia, and partly caused by you... You haven't put the textures for that model into the "Textures>Medres" folder, and because of this, Celestia can't find the textures. When you have any other textured object and this craft in the same Field of View, Celestia puts the other object's texture onto the place on the model where the texture should be. Usually it's a cloud or ring texture that appears, but it can be pretty much anything!

    P #6: I've installed an xyz file, and the corresponding model. All the files are in the right places, but when I go to the craft/object in Celestia, a diffrent model to the one I installed comes up (usually Galileo).
    S: This is a mistake on my part (Sorry...) It's because I made the xyz download before the model, so the ssc file is still referring to the model "galileo.3ds". Say if you installed Genesis, hwhat you should do is: 1) Open up the genesis-xyz.ssc file 2) Find the line with the word "Mesh" on it. 3)Change the filename from "galileo.3ds" to "genesis.3ds". 4) Save the file, and run Celestia again. If you still can't solve the problem, send me the ssc file & i'll see what I can do.

    If any more problems come up frequently, i'll add them to this list.

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