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Small asteroids which have unusual orbital synchrony with the Earth. Featuring Cruithne and some other asteroids


Binary asteroids

ssc for most currently known binary asteroids, for which the orbital parameters of the "moon" are known or have been estimated. Updated 19th August 2003, with (379) Huenna.


Tiny moons

ssc including all minor moons not included in the standard minormoons.ssc file. Updated 25 July 2003, with new IAU names for moons discovered in 2000 & 2001.

IMPORTANT - Viewing ALL minor moons in our solar system:
1. This file is identical to numberedmoons.ssc on the celestia sourceforge CVS tree. (Although it has more than just numbered moons)
2. This file is intended as an EXTRA addon to minormoons.ssc, and not to replace it.
3. Therefore, to view ALL minor moons, the only files you need are minormoons.ssc and this file you are about to download. DELETE any other minor moon files you may have in your extras folder, or else you will get duplicates.


Wild 2 176KB xyz

In 1927 and 1974, comet 81P/Wild 2 had two very close encounters with Jupiter, which significantly changed its orbit. Before the first encounter, its orbit aphelion lay beyond Neptune, but after the first encounter, its orbit aphelion was slightly further than the orbit of Uranus. After the second encounter, it entered its current orbit, where it has remained since then. This xyz runs from 01/01/1900 to 01/01/2006.


Centaurs & TNO's

ssc for all the large named Centaurs, TNO's, and Scattered disc objects.


Unusual names

ssc for some Asteroids with unusual names (e.g. Jamesbond, Arthurdent etc.)


Blarney, Ireland

ssc for Asteroids 2320 Blarney, and 5029 Ireland. (Go on- guess where I live...)


Sci-fi & Celestia

ssc for Asteroids 1721 Wells, 5020 Asimov, 4923 Clarke, and 1252 Celestia!


Tempel 1 17KB xyz

ssc and xyz trajectory for Comet 9P/Tempel 1. The xyz trajectory runs for a few days before & after the planned date of the Deep Impact flyby.


1P/Halley & 21P/Giacobini-Zinner 95KB xyz

The zip contains an xyz & ssc for 21P/Giacobini-Zinner, and an xyz for 1P/Halley. (Halley's already in solarsys.ssc). The 21P xyz runs only for the time when it was relatively close to ICE, but the Halley xyz runs through most of it's 1986 visit to the inner solar system.


Near Earth Asteroid 2003 SQ222 187KB xyz

The zip contains an xyz & xyz-ssc for 2003 SQ222, spanning Jan 1st 2001 - Dec 31st 2005, with a further 2000 samples around the time of the September 27th flyby. It came to just over 84,400km from the earth at around 22:30UT on that date.

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