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xyz zips contain xyz files(s), ssc to run it, and install instructions. Model zips contain model, textures and install instructions. ssc files contain the ssc, and install instructions. To see screenshots of the model before downloading, click on the link, and it will bring you directly to the page of shots of that model.

=U.S.A. (N.A.S.A.)

=Europe (E.S.A.)

=Japan (J.A.X.A.)

=Former U.S.S.R.

=Russian Federation

=People's Republic Of China



.xyz (ssc included)


.3ds Model(s)


Object "neocp j002e3" (Apollo 12 SIVB) 142KB

Also see More Info

neocp j002e3 (Apollo 12 SIVB) 252KB


Genesis 182KB

Genesis 163KB


Giotto Earth flyby (1999) 5KB

Giotto 97KB





Lunar landing & crash sites 13KB

ssc files to position all* manmade objects which have landed on the moon. ssc also specifies a "Beginning" time for each object, so it only appears at the moment of landing or impact. Zip includes:
9 Apollo Lunar Module & Saturn IV B Booster crash sites (U.S.)
6 Apollo manned landing sites (U.S)
14 Luna landing & crash sites (U.S.S.R.)
2 Lunokhod end-of-mission sites (U.S.S.R.)
5 Ranger crash sites (U.S.)
7 Surveyor landing & crash sites (U.S.)
4 Lunar Orbiter crash sites (U.S.)
1 Lunar Prospector crash site (U.S.)
1 Hiten crash site (Japan)

Total 49 crash & landing sites, 29 destroyed.
There are 2 sets of ssc's in the zip, you can also view the craft as "asteroids" in Celestia, as it makes their positions easier to see.

* When I say "all", I mean all that it was actually possible to get the impact coordinates for. Details of the 9 other lunar missions which did crash, but for which no coordinates were available can be found in the zip file. A few other missions actually missed the moon entirely


Luna 9 was the first manmade object to soft-land on the Moon's surface & transmit pictures back to Earth.

The Apollo LM Descent Stage, is the part that was left behind when the Astronauts returned to the Command module from the Lunar surface. They all remain on the Moon's surface today, and will be there for millions of years to come.

The full Apollo LM is the full Apollo Lunar module, which appears as it would have looked on the Moon's surface, while the Astronauts were there. The top part (Lunar module ascent stage) carried the Astronauts back to the Command module after their moonwalks, and was subsequently crashed into the surface of the moon again, to provide seismic impact data on the Moon's interior.

Lunokhod 1 & 2 were deployed from Luna 17 & 21, after their landings on the lunar surface.

Lunas 16, 20, 23, and 24 were of very similar design, and were to return samples from the surface of the moon in hermetically sealed capsules. All attempts were succesful, apart from Luna 23 which was damaged during landing. There are 2 models, one showing the craft in full on the surface, and one showing it after the return stage had left.

Luna 13 was the second manmade object to soft-land on the Moon's surface, and the first to carry out chemical soil analysis.

Luna 9 (U.S.S.R) 106KB

Apollo LM Descent Stage (U.S.) 163KB

Incorporating parts of Shrox's Apollo CM + LM model, and Jens' Eagle-Lander model.

Full Apollo LM (U.S.) 290KB

Incorporating parts of Shrox's Apollo CM + LM model, and Jens' Eagle-Lander model.

Lunokhod 1 & 2 rovers, and Luna 17 & 21 models. (U.S.S.R) 153KB

Based on converted Lunokhod VRML meshes from "The VSM"

Sample-return Lunas (16, 20, 23, 24) lander stage & ascent stage models (U.S.S.R) 183KB

Based on converted Luna VRML meshes from "The VSM"

Luna 13 (U.S.S.R) 106KB



The ssc file for the Infrared Space Observatory specifies Earth centred, and Earth-Moon Barycentric elements. Compared to my own xyz file, the Earth centred elements seem to be more accurate.

Infrared Space Observatory 95KB


Chandra X-Ray Observatory 1KB

Chandra X-Ray Observatory 198KB


The zip file contains 3 models of the Space Shuttle Atlantis, with the cargo bay closed, open, and a model of it at launch. Zip also includes an ssc to place the launch model at the Kennedy Space Center. You can use the orbital models whatever way you want!

Space Shuttle Atlantis models, textures & ssc. 614KB

Based on bh's Shuttle models, some textures taken from Jens' Columbia model.

SSC file patch


Model zip download includes an ssc file

HEALTH WARNING: The Helios UAV model has a HUGE file size, and will probably appear very jerky while viewing. You should expect around 5-10 FPS, even with a very fast PC and graphics card.

"Helios" Experimental UAV 1.25MB

Modelled by TERRIER

Updated 19th Aug '03, with new NASA logo.


Salyut 7 1KB

The ssc elements are from early 1988 (Celestrak TLE).

Salyut 7 113KB


Apollo-Soyuz Test Project 1KB

The ssc is converted from a TLE file on this site. The model shows Apollo 18 & Soyuz 19 docked together.

Apollo-Soyuz Test Project 282KB

Apollo CM model taken from Shrox's Apollo CM+LM model.
Docking module detailing provided by bh.



.xyz (ssc included)


.3ds Model(s)


Shenzhou V 1KB

Orbital elements are fictional- modified Skylab orbit.
Shenzhou V was launched on Wednesday, October 15th 2003, with China's first man in space aboard- Yang Liwei. The first "taikonaut" orbited Earth 21 times, before landing safely in Inner Mongolia, after what was described by Chinese officials as a flawless mission.
Three cheers for China!

Shenzhou V 123KB


Explorer 1 1KB

ssc by Grant Hutchinson.

Explorer 1 ssc shows model in two orientations- the first is the intended spin, and the second is after the craft went into a flat spin, a few weeks after launch.

Explorer 1 40KB



.xyz (ssc included)


.3ds Model(s)

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