The school was originally situated in James's Street near the St.
James's Gate entrance to Guinness's Brewery. In 1869 the brothers
moved to a new location known as 'Belle Bank' the site was made
up from soil taken out of the basin of the harbour of the Grand Canal.
The new building (1980) overlooks the site of the old harbour.

The surrounding area is steeped in history and dates from Viking
times (837 A.D.) Nearby High Street was the most important street
in medieval Dublin.
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Execution place of Robert Emmett
Signatories of 1916
Proclamation executed here
Largest brewery in the world in
Old South Dublin Union /
Oliver Cromwell camped here
before the battle of Rathmines
Site of Brian Boru's encampment
before the battle of Clontarf
Burial place of Strongbow
Jonathan Swift author of "Gullivers
Travels" was Dean of St. Patrick's