STFU Well whaddya know!?!? Looks like somebody stumbled across my secret hidey hole, and by secret, I mean open to the public. It's about time I had some visitors, because Dr_Faulk is eager to clothes-line some serious ass.

That's how hard I am! Forget clothes-lining someone's neck like a wussy, 'cause my arms are so much like space rockets that I can up-end a house with my powerful clothes-line. And my drop kick? That's beyond space-age!

STFU I gave up being a heart surgeon years ago when I discovered the ultimate source of humanity, Super Barrio! Go here for a good picture biography. This guy hauls saggy political ass over hot coals for the abused working class who suffer many blows to the head with a chair when the referee's not looking. This guy could drop-kick a planet into God's face and end existence - he's THAT powerful.
The picture is of Super Barrio showing how he always wins at Rock, Paper Scissors because he uses TWO scissors which ALWAYS wins. Smart!

STFU OH MY HOLY GOD!! This is Kinikumon - the ultimate source of wrestling power. This game is so good my mask exploded when I first saw it! This picture clearly depicts a severe ass-whooping, as well as the crowd exploding in the background from sheer Oh-My-God-ness. Don't worry, another wreslting match was held in their honour straight away.

STFU This is Saint Sebastian. He wasn't a wrestler, but he had the heart of one. Upon surviving a volley of arrows, he dared those bitch-ass executionors to batter his ass to death, otherwise he'd body-slam their granny's back to Venus.
Unfortunately that's exactly what they did do. But check out the dweep on the bottom right! He's just cacked his pants because he knows right there and then God is giving Seb some serious special-privelage kick-ass powers.