The Paps

Walk Grade

Strenuous only with option .Walk Time 4.5hours at a brisk pace.


On the N22 from Ballyvourney to Killarney turn right at the sign for Clydagh Bridge. From this road take the first on the right for Clydagh Valley and continue on this road for about 1km to a small lay by parking space on the left GR(12.94 83.24). When looking at OS Discovery Series Map No 79 it is a little confusing as the new part of the N22 is not shown, but instead only the old N22 path of the N22 through Clydagh Bridge is shown.

Walk Features

The appropriately named Paps are two breast like peaks in the Derry Na Saggart Mountains close to the Cork Kerry border.The summit of each being marked by an ancient stone burial tomb. Due to the isolated nature of the peaks outstanding views are seen from the summit on a clear day.The walk will be done in an anticlockwise direction with an extra option of climbing one of the Knocknabro peaks to the east of the Green Road. To do this option you will first need to ask permission from the local farmer.

Walk Details

From car park GR ( 12.94 83.24) proceed along the road in a northeasterly direction continuing in the same direction. After about 1.7km on this road turn to the left off this road as you head into the 'Green Road'. First pass through a gate and continue on this road for only about 300m. At this point you have the option of continuing on down the Green Road to walk the Paps only or to do an additional climb in the mountain to your right hand side. I f you are doing the Paps only walk down the Green Road for about 5.5km to GR(14.76 86.86) where you will meet up with the track coming down the mountains on your right hand side. The walk down the Green Road is an extremely pleasant walk with a view of the Paps and Lough Glannafreaghaun unfolding on your left hand side. If you are doing the additional climb cross the fence on your right at GR(14.51 84.52) and proceed up the hill first in an easterly direction and then in a north easterly direction until you get to the major peak 592m GR(15.37 85.38). From this peak proceed down the ridge in a northerly direction to the next peak 496m GR(15.44 86.32). From this peak you must head down to the Green Road to GR(14.76 86.86), this being the same point as if you had walked along the Green Road only. You must now head down from the Green Road in a westerly direction towards the Paps, as you descend the ground is very marshy as a result of the water from Lough Glannafreaghaun. You will need to cross a fence and then a stream; you should aim for a style at GR(14.56 86.83) to get over the fence. This part of the walk is also the Duhallow way which you must now leave to climb the main peak (694m) of the Paps. Your approach will first be in a southwesterly direction and then in a southerly direction as you get firstly to the eastern peak of the Paps GR( 13.30 85.52). As you are approaching this peak you will see the western peak of the Paps on your right hand side. From the 694m peak go in a westerly direction to the next peak which you can see ahead of you. If visibility is poor you will need an accurate compass bearing to this next peak 690m GR( 12.51 85.51), this being to avoid the steepness on your right hand side. However there are fairly well worn tracks to follow. This peak is also recognised by a trig point in addition to the normal cairn. From this peak proceed along the ridge in a southerly direction. As you continue to lose height you will meet a fence on your right hand side, which will guide you down. Leave the fence at its corner GR(12.41 84.06) descend down the slopes of the hill in a southerly direction to meet an old carway, which you will follow down. As you walk down you will see trees from a small wood to your left hand side. You must continue on to the end of these trees before you can turn to the east towards the road. If you go in an easterly direction from GR(12.50 82.96) you will come to a gate on the side of the road at GR( 12.78 82.99). When passing through the gate onto the road turn left for a short walk to the car park.

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Twin Peaks
The Green Road
East Pap Peak
West Peak
View of East Peak
West Pap Peak
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