Robert JamesQuigley





Age Baptised


Robert James Quigley, Gentleman & Elizabeth Burnett Widow, Both of this parish. James Bushby curate

John Mitchell,

Samuel Schofield

High St.

Quarry Hill

24th July

17th October






Robert James Quigley appears on the LDS microfilm no 918377. It is possible but unlikely that this is my Robert J. Quigley. Robert J. Quigley of Castleraw, Co Armagh was the third of four brothers. His eldest brother was born in 1761 and his mother was born in 1722. I reckon he was born in the early 1760ís, given that he was prominent in the developments of the 1790ís in Armagh. This would put Robert in his early forties, if he were the Robert J. Quigley in the above record. Additionally he would have been baptised in the Church of England sometime around 1793. (1765 plus 27 years) This does not "gel". Consequently a further search is warranted.

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