Privacy Policy

The purpose and intention of the Genealogy portion of this site is purely to act as an amateur genealogy site. It is not intended to place any information here on any living individual, except where such information is freely available in the public records and/or publications.

A small number of people were uneasy at their vital record information being published on the net. While this information is freely availble to the public through such sources as are listed below, I have decided to withhold this information in the case of all living persons. I expect to complete the removal of this information from the site within the next few weeks.

I am awaiting delivery of new software that will enable me to withhold personal details at the push of a button, rather than trawling through each individual record.


Sources of records include the following:

Records held at the National Archives and National Library of Ireland

Records held in the Registers of Births, Marriages & Deaths

Historical Parish Records

Census Returns

Current Parish Records

Newspaper Reports

Gravestone Inscriptions

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