Web-Design Course by J.P. Curran
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Introduction to the Web-Design Course

Want to learn how to create a website? This web-design course hopefully will show you (one way) for creating and maintaining a simple and basic website. This course can be done on your own computer offline i.e. you do not have to be on the Internet when doing the course. To write a simple web page on your own computer all you have got to do is the following.

1. Create a new file using a word processor (use a simple word processor like Notepad) and write the following six unusual words into the page leaving a few blank lines between the words as follows.







2. Write the content (what you want people to see and read when they visit your website) of your website between the fourth and fifth words

Content goes in here...............

3.Save the file and put .html onto the file name.
4. Open the file using Internet Explorer (working offline). The page will display as if it were on the Internet. Only the content will appear. The unusual words will not appear on the page.

Full details and explanations of the above four steps are in lesson 1 (see bottom of this page).
This course is a correspondence course. You will be doing this course (if you proceed with the course) at home in your own computer. You will be doing the course offline i.e. you will not have to go on the Internet to do the course (other than to receive the lessons). The web-design course will cost you 60. The course will consist of 8 lessons. The first lesson, Lesson 1 is free for you to try out (click at the bottom of the page), print all the pages of Lesson 1, study them and practise the lesson. You can then make up your own mind whether you wish to proceed with the course or not. If you are having problems with lesson 1 (or the later lessons), you can ring me or e-mail me and I will attempt to solve your problem. If you wish to proceed with the course you should contact me by phone or e-mail (see top of page). If you proceed with the course, you will be sent a lesson approximately every two weeks. The course will be deemed to be finished two weeks after the last lesson is sent to you. At all times throughout the course (including Lesson 1) if you are having problems with the course then you ring me or email me and I will attempt to solve any problems.

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