Plight Of Farmers

How right those Land Tax men were when they marched on Thurles Town
Fifteen thousand stalwarths led by kelly, Bolger and O'Dwyer - men of great reknown
They saw trouble down the road for farmers with tax paid on accounts
A living nightmare added to by E.U. directives in large amounts

The farm tax bill was introduced after long and frank debate
But Charlie said this messing with tax he would not tolerate
Adjusted acre files were shredded though useful they'd have been
And the Farm Tax was burried never more to be seen

Accountants rubbed their hands with glee for now they'll get their fees
Five hundred pounds must now be found though you may be tax free

One wonders what the score was then or was it kept at all
Did accountants pay back Charlie for this massive big windfall
Two hundred and fifty million pounds took in in just ten years
Ansbacker Bank was busy but now they are full of tears

The years have passed but the truth at last is coming on the screen
Small farmers are over burdened now with paperwork, plain to be seen
We marched this time to Dublin Town to good old Bla Cliath
Can anyone at all help us now would you be there Judge Moriaritee

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