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This web page identifies some of the needs of a small suckler herd.

This page is updated periodically, so check back regularly.
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On-farm sale of weanlings where possible for better animal health.

Creep feeding to boost weight gain and reduce stress during weaning.

This creep feeding unit was designed to give better access as compared to the smaller covered in unit (see top picture).
This trough is a vital part of the creep feeder and is placed in the center among the calves. It is an example of waste recycling, using a worn tyre cut in two, and forced onto an old plastic barrel.

"Special Areas of Conservation"

The plot of turf plays a big part in the viability of many small farms. This is now threatened by SAC designations. Which in many cases forbids small farmers and other rural dwellers from future turf cutting. Is the 'day in the bog' saving the turf now to become a thing of the past?

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