I won't be updating regularly for ages but I have put in a funny smurf slide show in the cartoons section.


Sorry about the lack of updates. I have put in some more cartoons, jokes and funny programs in the jokes section. Also put up a new mp3, I am calling that section mp3-of-the-month now as I update it so little! I am working on some more stuff for the comedy and java games section so that should keep people happy. Expect another update sometime next week.

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No major updates for a while but vote on the right there and I will do my best to put it up. Also you can vote for a new Mp3 on the music page. Also updated the java games pages, expect that to be expanded soon.


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I have decided to scrap the roms page due to it being a 'grey' legal area and is liable to lose me my webspace. To make up for that I will put a load of new stuff on the jokes page soon, and some more funny programs and stuff. Please tell me in the guestbook what you think of the page and what you would like to see and I will do it!

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Completed the site, put up a new navigation system on the left and two new sections. The first is my guide to making money on the internet, give it a read as you actually can make good money if you follow the guide. The second is a java games section with some cool games there, I will be adding a load of new games shortly so keep checking back. The roms section is down until further notice unless someone can tell me a free ISP that supports roms or is willing to lend me some server space.

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Welcome to my new improved website. Aswell as a new layout you will find more roms, more uptodate emulation news and two brand new sections. My comedy section has lots of multimedia on Ali-G, Monty Python and the League of Gentleman while my jokes page has loads of funny e-mails, cartoons and programs. I still have some stuff to put so keep coming back to see what has been updated. So check it out now and tell me what you think of the new site by signing my guestbook!