Local derby ends in victory for Celtic

St Mochtas AFC  0    Castleknock Celtic  2

U-15A League : 7/9/03

This was an enjoyable game for the neutrals.  Plenty of incident, some honest endeavour, and a couple  of goals. 

The first half was fairly even, with chances at either end.  But there was no breakthro . They finished the half all-square.

Celtic had suffered their only reverse so far this season, when they went down to Dunboyne 0-3, they are a strong side and there have been ding dong battles between them over the years.

Celtic started the second half as if they wanted to get back to winning ways. 

10 mins after the interval, Des Molloy crossed into the box, a killer ball, that was met beautifully by Steve Simpson, who headed past the Mochtas keeper, who had an excellent game, but could do nothing on this occasion.  Celtic 1-0 up, and just about deserved it.

Then a crucial incident took place.

Celtic broke through again.  This time the Mochtas centre half tried a slide tackle from behind on former Mochtas striker Philip Cooney, but he only managed to bring him down.  As there was no one apart from keeper ahead of the striker, the central defender was sent to the line, and he was not at all pleased.  Mark Tuohy the Mochtas new manager had to use all his skills to keep the player placid.  The resultant free was sent over by John Moriarty.

Ciaran Finn was next to be the centre of attraction.  He was on target, but the defender kept the ball out of the net with his hand.  He had to join his team mate on the line.  Ciaran was cool as a cucumber as he shot the penno home to the back of the net.

Celtic were very much on top, and surprisingly failed to increase their total when they were awarded another penalty.

Man of the match was shared by Philip Cooney, Simmo and Eoin Smith.