"You're nervous around them. You're afraid they're going to get pissed off. And you don't know what could start it."

  About the novel...

The Breakable Vow is a sensitive and perceptive story about dating violence and its effect on one young woman caught up in its cycle. Annie McGowan's story begins in her early teen years and unfolds as she grows older and faces ever-increasing mistreatment from her boyfriend, and later husband. Written with emotional authenticity and humour, The Breakable Vow has captured the hearts of readers everywhere.

  The Breakable Vow - The Novel

  "It started with him holding me by the shoulders and shaking me. Then he would pinch me sometimes. He also held me down, pretending like we were playing, but it hurt."

  About The Breakable Vow Prevention Curriculum

The DV-Prevention Curriculum provides a unique, in-depth, and ready-to-implement prevention program for youth groups, grammar schools, high schools, colleges and beyond. Its mission is to assist young people in choosing non-violent partners. Based on the bibliotherapy method, the program utilizes the same concrete and humorous style as the novel. Because the students design the scenarios, dialogues, and role-play, they self-direct both the sophistication level and cultural mores appropriate to their experience. This hugely successful program is being used from the 6th grade through the university level.

  The Breakable Vow - Curriculum Guide - Domestic Violence Prevention

  "I'm trying to do everything right, but my partner keeps getting mad at me."
--Name withheld