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I met Paul Grant - wonder of wonders - at a pub session at Mooneys bar in Ring Co. Waterford about thirteen or more years ago. He started playing a gentle guitar accompaniment behind a song I was singing and as he played I found myself singing the song with more ease and feeling than I had ever felt before. He had the sure touch of a pro.

We later worked in Ireland and the U.S together, as a duo and also with the "Fayerweather Band" - Geraldine Dunne, Martin Murray and Tommy Keane. We made three videos together including a televised concert at the famed Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts on the occasion of thefiftieth anniversary of the death of the poet W.B. Yeats. Later, we did a similar concert at the International Poetry Forum in Pittsburgh.

     But it is in Paul's songwriting that his musicianship shines. His own songs,as well as his work in collaboration with Paul Foskin are like beautiful, evocative and thoughtful poems.

And he's only starting!

Keep your eye on this site.


Liam Clancy


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Home Town               The House Where I Was Born

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Children after Rain

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