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Table of Contents 

  1. How much will my display cost ?

  2. How long will my Fireworks Display last ?

  3. How do I book a Fireworks Display ?

  4. Can I have a Fireworks Display next weekend ?

  5. Can I buy fireworks and do my own display ?

  6. Where can a Fireworks Display be done ?

  7. Will my Fireworks Display be insured ?

  8. What happens if it rains ?

  9. What is the best time for a Fireworks Display ?

  10. If I book a Fireworks Display with Nationwide Fireworks, what do I get ?


How much ?

Your Nationwide Fireworks Display will cost as much as you want. Once you call our Customer Advice line (053-9145770 0r 0035353-9145770 from outside the Rep. of Ireland) and tell the staff what you require, you will be contacted with your all inclusive quote.

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How long ...?

Your Nationwide Fireworks Display will last as long as you want. Our Customer Care staff will advise you re. the type of Display best suited to your needs, the proposed venue, the time of year etc. and customise a timed Display for your budget, audience and venue.

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How do I book...?

Please refer to the Contacts page or click on the logo towards the bottom right hand corner of this page for all means of contacting Nationwide Fireworks.

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...Fireworks next weekend...?

Sorry, but the answer is a definite no. Nationwide Fireworks operate under the January 2006 Guidelines issued by the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform  governing Pyrotechnic Displays. In practice one should apply at least 4  weeks in advance of one's proposed date for a Fireworks Display.

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...buy and fire my own show...?

Fireworks cannot be imported into the Republic of Ireland without a permit nor can they be purchased. All Nationwide Fireworks operatives are trained in the safe transport, storage and use of fireworks which are not toys.

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Displays can be held indoors, outdoors or in semi-enclosed spaces such as sports arenas or stadia. Nationwide Fireworks follow the statutory requirements that ensure the display is conducted with all due regard to public safety, that adequate fire fighting and first aid facilities are in place for the display, monitor and control all safety arrangements for the display to ensure that control measures are effective and adequate.

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All Nationwide Fireworks Displays are fully insured. Safety is the number one priority and the company has its own Public Liability Insurance to the tune of €10m for any one claim.

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Fireworks Displays can be successfully staged in the rain. Many of our operatives can recount many stories of sodden hours spent in the rain before firing a spectacular show. Being Irish, dealing with rain is an occupational hazard that is all to frequently overcome!!!!!

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...best time...?

While seeming to state the obvious  fireworks are best viewed in the dark. Organisers should take time changes / seasonal variations into account when planning and publicising Firework Display. Depending on the time of year, Nationwide operatives have fired shows from 4.30pm up to and including midnight.

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...with Nationwide, what do I get...?

Everything....including a pre-show Site Visit, liaising with the local Fire Officer, Gardaí and the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform , liaising with the site owners / managers.

On the night in question a team of trained operatives from Nationwide Fireworks will fire the show before conducting a full site clearance thus allowing you, the client, enjoy a thoroughly stress free spectacular show.

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