Other Motorsport & Road Cars

These are some photographs of other motorsports I have competed in together with pictures of some of the road cars I have owned, they include:.


1800cc Space Frame VW Mudplugger
1298cc Grass Autocross Fiat128 3P
Navigating in Talbot Sunbeam Rally Car
1498cc All Fibreglass Rallycross Mini
24 Hour Outdoor Endurance Pro-Karting
1800cc MK1 Ford Escort Rally Car
1600cc Mk2 Ford Escort Night Navigation Car
Mk2 Suzuki Swift Gti Sprint & Hillclimb
Navigating in Group A 2000cc Astra Gsi

VW Mudplugger VW Mudplugger Autocross Fiat 3P Talbot Sunbeam Rally Car Mini's Mini'sEndurance Karting MK1 Escort Rally Car MK1 Escort Rally Car 1976 MK2 Ford Escort 1976 MK2 Ford Escort Mk2 Suzuki Swift Gti Group A Astra Gsi

Road Cars

My first car, 1298 Mini (Green in photo above)
1800cc VW Scirocco
1800cc VW Golf Gti
2200cc Audi Quattro
2000cc Toyota 4X4 Turbo
1988 Mk1 Suzuki Swift Gti

Audi 90 Quattro Audi 90 Quattro Toyota Celica 4x4 Turbo Toyota Celica 4x4 Turbo Current Mk1 Swift Gti