McGo to McGow
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Surname Firstname Address Date Comments
McGoey Bridget Drumcashel 17-08-1968  
McGoey James Drummonds 04-09-1962  
McGoey Anne   06-01-1958 His Wife
McGoey Katie   22-07-1958 Their Daughter
McGoey Mary Ann   06-06-1978 Their Daughter
McGoey Patrick   10-01-1992 Their Son
McGoey Mary   07-08-1999 His Wife
McGoey James   04-04-1952  
McGoey Bridget   28-12-1972 His Wife
McGoey Dora   13-07-1927 Aged 66
Hallighan Dora     Her Daughter Erected by
McGowan Bartley Drummons 04-11-1935  
McGowan Catherine   08-10-1951 His Wife
McGowan Katie   1917 Their Daughter Aged 17
McGowan Thady   20-01-1989  
McGowan Winnie   19-12-1984 His Wife
McGowan Daniel   173?  
McGowan Garret Loughmarron 29-05-1966  
McGowan James Oliver     His Infant Son
McGowan Bridget   09-03-1994 His Wife
McGowan John Aughalative 20-01-1969 Aged 76
McGowan Margaret   25-09-1995 His Wife Aged 89
McGowan James   09-10-1918  
McGowan Margaret   23-12-1928 His Wife
McGowan Martin Bernard   14-06-1958 Their Son
McGowan Mary   20-11-1974 His Wife
McGowan Sionhan     Their Grandchild
McGowan Andrew Loughmarron 19-04-1981  
McGowan Martin     His Father
McGowan Rita     His Mother
McGowan Hubert     His Uncle
McGowan Charlie     His Uncle
McGowan Patrick     His Grandfather
McGowan Mary     His Grandmother
Bredin Annie B.   09-07-1993 His Aunt
McGowan Michael E.      
McGowan Michael Aghamore 18-06-1968  
McGowan Denis   23-12-1968 His Brother
McGowan Mary Ann Muckrim 05-09-1968 Aged 74
McGowan Joseph   04-02-1974 Her Husband Aged 92
Clancy Patrick   02-07-1982 Aged 65
Clancy Gabriel   01-03-1957  
McGowan Martin Bernard   1958 Born 1890
McGowan Patrick Gortnahowla 06-03-1942  
McGowan Kate   14-10-1927 His Wife
McGowan Dan   17-02-1962 Their Son
McGowan Joseph   05-02-1963 Their Son
McGowan John   03-03-1977 Their Son
McGowan Mary   15-08-1990 Wife of Dan
McGowan Andrew   26-08-1991  
McGowan Patrick   12-12-1993  
McGowan Brigid   12-03-1994 Wife of Patrick
McGowan Patrick   16-03-1917  
McGowan Margaret   11-07-1920  
McGowan William   21-05-1977  
McGowan Thomas Gortnaholla 07-11-1965  
McGowan Bridget     His Wife Erected by
McGowan Neil   23-10-1979 Infant
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