Donamon Castle

June 26th 2003


Richard Finnerty (Hawaii) and Peter Finnerty (Roscommon/Dublin)


Richard Finnerty (Hawaii) and Peter Finnerty (Roscommon/Dublin).

Peter (on the right) is the newly elected "Cennaire" (Chief) of the Finnerty Clan.  Richard is the "Tnaiste" (Deputy Chief).



Mr & Mrs Peter Finnerty, and Richard Finnerty.


Mr & Mrs Peter Finnerty, and Richard Finnerty.



John, Richard, and Peter Finnerty with two young Finnertys from Brideswell area.


Front: Chief of the Clan with two young members of a Finnerty family from the Brideswell area of Roscommon.

Back: John Finnerty from Mount Talbot with the Deputy Chief.



Richard and Peter Finnerty, and Larry Kilcommons.


Tnaiste, Cennaire, and Larry Kilcommons (Curator of the C.S. Parnell Heritage Centre in Creggs).



Peter Finnerty and John Bradshaw


Cennaire and John Bradshaw from "The Clans of Ireland".



Please note:

  • The family name "Finnerty" used above is intended to represent the whole group of "Fionn Sneachta" descendants.

  • Over the centuries different generations have used several spelling variations of the name.

  • For further information on the origins of the name, and the range of spelling variations, please visit:






C.S. Parnell Heritage Centre, Creggs, East Galway, Republic of Ireland.