Kilcully Scout Campsite
Car Boot Sales

Information about Car Boot Sales will be listed on this site

Upcoming dates for
Car Boot Sales

26th.February 2017
26th.March 2017
23rd.April 2017
21st.May 2017
18th.June 2017
16th.July 2017
13th.August 2017
10th.Sept 2017
8th.October 2017
5th.Nov 2017

Please spread the word as we need your support

At the Grotto in Blackpool go right , up Dublin Hill and keep going until you reach the Y junction at The Black Man pub. Take the left fork and at the bottom of the hill go left at the sign for the Cemetry (sign on right side of road).
Follow this road and park in parking area next to the graveyard. The Campsite is across the road. If you are a trader queue at the marked gate to enter site.

Fees :- Traders 10 (Extra fees may apply in certain cases)
Customers 2 per Adult , children free !
Gates open at approximately 08:30 for traders
Customers usually arrive from 09:00 onwards.

Kilcully Scout Campsite

Phone: 087 683 3436