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Kilmacow is blessed to have a beautiful stream flowing through it. It is called the Blackwater, and it meanders gently from Mulinavat through Dangan, the upper village, on to the lower village and on into the Suir at Grannagh.

Beside the banks of the Blackwater is an area of 20 acres, which is owned by the people of Kilmacow. The place is called the Farm and hosts a sports complex, which includes a hurling pitch, a soccer pitch, an athletics track, two tennis courts, an all-weather pitch and dressing rooms. It is also a pleasant area to take a ramble up to where the weir is on the river and over to the Pond where generations of Kilmacow people learned to swim.

The highest point in Kilmacow is Moolum Rock, a gentle hill to the north of the village.
Grannagh Castle is Kilmacow's most elegant landmark. Sited on the banks of the Suir it was built by the Butlers in the 13th century. Other important historical sites include Dunkitt Castle, some old mills and estate houses. In Dangan there is a mass bush where local people would have had mass during the penal days when British law attempted to suppress Catholicism.

Kilmacow was a thriving place in the last century, and boasted no fewer than nine mills along the river. Only one of the mills is currently active and it hosts a mini industrial estate in Greenville.

Grannagh Castle

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